Disbursement Voucher eDoc Guide

The Disbursement Voucher (DV) is an open-source electronic document that allows users to reimburse employees and students, and creates disbursements to vendors for select payment reasons. The DV can be saved, submitted/approved, disapproved, or returned to the initiator during the electronic routing process.

DV Requirements

  • Comply to Federal, State, UC, and Campus policies.
  • Disbursement explanations & justifications.
  • Original scanned, supporting documentation uploaded to the Image Scanning tab.
  • Multiple approvals within departments/units.
  • Exceptional approval (if applicable). All exceptional approval must be routed electronically.
  • Users are responsible for ensuring an eDoc meets all policies & guidelines before approving it.

Links to UCOP Policy manuals (BUS-49, G-43, etc) are posted on Accounts Payable.

When a DV Should Not be Used

Examples of when it is not appropriate to use a Disbursement Voucher:

  • Any travel-related expenses. A Travel Reimbursement eDoc should be created.
  • Any meetings, event, or entertainment expenses. An Entertainment Reimbursement or a Travel Reimbursement eDoc should be created for these expenses.
  • Any moving or relocation expenses. A Moving and Relocation Reimbursement eDoc should be created.
  • Any Services or Contracts. A purchase order should be created for services or contracts. Please contact Procurement with any questions: 949-824-6516 or procurement@uci.edu.
  • Most supplies and materials purchase except for emergencies (always follow purchasing policy).
  • Anonymous Human Subject Payments, unless reimbursing the PI or researcher. Options to pay Anonymous Participants is listed in policy 701-03, section D.

Policy and Reference Help

The links below provide additional information to help process your Disbursement Voucher: