Fiscal Officer Resources

A Fiscal Officer at UCI is responsible for approving day-to-day activity on an account. The information in this website is designed to give you a solid foundation for executing this important role.

These pages are intended to help Fiscal Officers and Financial Managers at UCI. General Financial Management questions should be directed toward the Chief Financial Officer(s) of your unit/department, as there may be specific unit/department policies relating to your financial operations.

What Resources are Included Here?

  • Chart of Accounts
    Learn more about how UCI's Chart of Accounts within the Kuali Financial System.
  • The General Ledger
    Learn more about how UCI's general ledger functions within the Kuali Financial System and learn to better understand the data contained within it.
  • KFS Workflow Guide
    This guide includes detailed workflow descriptions for the most common KFS eDocs. It also has general information about how KFS workflow functions.
  • Ledger Reconciliation Guidelines
    This guide discusses the ledger reconciliation process and related factors.