Bank Wire and ACH Transfers

scilibrary.jpgInstructions For Students

To make a payment as a student, please log into your ZOT Account (Student Billing System). The information below is not intended for students.

Instructions for Non-Students

UCI departments wishing to receive funds from agencies via Electronic Fund Transfers (EFT) should contact Trini Lee in the General Accounting division at We can provide you with the information required to transmit either Bank Wire or ACH Transfers.

Advice of Incoming ACH/Wire Form

Accounting does not always know where to apply funds received by bank wire or ACH transfers, therefore it is essential for the UCI department receiving the payment to submit an Advice of Incoming ACH/Wire Transfer form in advance. This will ensure timely processing.

Note: This form was updated and transferred to Microsoft Forms on May 31, 2024. Please use this new version in lieu of the old Qualitrics form. 

Have Questions?

For more information and assistance, contact Trini Lee in the General Accounting division at 949-824-6818 or

Wire Transfer Fees

Many banks charge a fee for initiating a wire transfer. Please verify that a service fee will not be deducted from the total amount you are sending to UCI—or adjust the amount you are transferring accordingly.