Overview of Glacier

glacier logoGlacier is an online nonresident tax compliance system that allows UCI to properly determine the appropriate withholding on income paid to non-residents and comply with tax laws.

It is NOT an income tax filing software.

A withholding is an amount deducted from your paycheck. It may relate to federal and state income taxes, retirement contributions, union dues, employee insurance premiums, etc.

To comply with US tax law, UC policy requires all non-residents receiving income from UCI to complete a Glacier record in order to determine their tax residency status.

Glacier can assist you in determining if you are eligible to claim an income tax treaty exemption on the income that you are receiving. Furthermore, it ensures that the appropriate amount of withholdings are deducted each time you are paid, eliminating having to pay back amounts that have been overpaid.

Your sponsoring UCI department completes a Glacier record request form and submit it to glcruci@uci.edu. Once an account has been created, you will receive an email from support@online-tax.net allowing you to access your Glacier record.

Your Glacier documents can be routed electronically to the Glacier Office at glcruci@uci.edu using docusign.uci.edu.

Due to the sensitive nature of your documents, please ensure that your documents are properly encrypted.