Viewing Your Paycheck/Earnings Statement

payroll-button-ucp-online-2x.png Starting in January 2020, you will be able to view your earnings statements/paycheck on the UCPath Center website. Do the following to access your earning statements:

Login to UCPath Online:

Navigate to the View Paycheck page:

  • From the Dashboard Navigation: View Paycheck pane or Income and Taxes > View Paycheck
  • Menu Navigation: Employee Actions > Income and Taxes > View Paycheck

Your paycheck and earnings statement will look different once UCPath launches. The main changes are that new earnings statements include your new employee ID number, and vacation/sick leave balances will no longer be included on paychecks or earnings statements. You can view your leave balances on the UCPath Center at any time.

Sample UCPath Paycheck

sample UCPath paycheck


Number Description


Current name and address in UCPath.


Newly assigned Employee ID number.


Filing status and allowances for state and federal tax reforms.


Earnings displayed in work week increments. Vacation and sick time are included in the hours and earning display.


Federal and state tax withholdings for the current pay period and the year to date.


Before tax and after tax deductions are displayed seperately.


All contributions UC pays on your behalf to health, welfare plans, and retirement.


OASDI (Social Security) and MED (Medicare) gross amounts are included in current year and year-to-date display.


Check (advice) number, account type, and total amount of pay deposited to accounts. You may have up to three direct deposit elections.

Frequently Asked Questions

As a part of the transition to UCPath, new employee ID numbers are issued to employees to identify them in the UCPath system. This may affect the number that you see on your paycheck and the number that you use for travel and expense reimbursements. Please make a note of the new number, which is found next to your name on your paycheck and in the upper left corner of your UCPath dashboard.

Access UCPath Online at You can view your paycheck under Income and Taxes. Pay information is available one day prior to pay day.

You can check your accruals from UCPath Online under View Leave Balances.

Your first paycheck from UCPath deposits the full amount of your pay into your primary account. When UCPath goes live, you can make changes to your direct deposit elections in UCPath Online under Income and Taxes. Changes to your direct deposit information can take up to 10 business days to take effect.

The new system uses industry standard, automated calculations for deductions and withholdings. In some cases, this may result in minor differences (typically a few cents) in calculations for federal/state taxes or voluntary deductions.

The new system uses an industry standard method for categorizing and displaying deductions: Before Tax and After Tax.

UC makes several contributions to health and welfare plans, as well as retirement. Some of these contributions were labeled on old paychecks as “UC Contributions.” The complete list of employee paid benefits displays all UC contributions to your total compensation.