Kuali Financial System Basics Guide

The Kuali Financial System (KFS) is the Financial System for all UCI departments and all university funds are managed through this system. This guide will cover the basic tools and information needed to create documents, perform lookups, and understand the electronic workflow.

NOTE: When viewing or editing information on a KFS screen do not use your browser's Back button (or a Go Back command). Using the Back button could result in an error requiring you to exit your browser and start over.

The KFS eDoc

KFS users initiate documents electronically. In KFS these are called electronic documents, commonly abbreviated to “eDoc.” Anyone who initiates, reviews, or approves transactions in KFS will interact with eDocs.

An eDoc is a request for an action to be recorded within the system. The eDoc generally must be reviewed and approved before the requested action takes effect.

For additional information on individual documents, please see our Document Types.

The KFS Action List

When an eDoc is routed to a KFS user, it will arrive in that user's Action List with one of the following action requests: Approve, Acknowledge, or FYI.

KFS Modules

Module Description
Chart of Accounts (COA) The Chart of Accounts (COA) is a set of tables that define the accounting structures within the Kuali Financial System (KFS). This Module includes Account Maintenance transactions, Object Codes, and Organization maintenance.
Purchasing and Accounts Payable (PURAP) Purchasing goods and services, vendor contracts, payment of invoices, contract payments, vendor advance payments, foreign wires, and other payment services, not including payroll.
Capital Asset Management (CAM) Creating, maintaining, and retirement of Capital Equipment.
Travel & Event Management (TEM) Travel, event, and relocation-related payment reporting and disbursements.
Financial Processing (FP) Financial Journals and General Ledger transactions including General Error Corrections, Internal Billing, Disbursement Vouchers, and PALCard transactions. Also includes general Budget Adjustment/Appropriation transactions.
Kuali Budget Module (KBM) Labor and Base Budgeting documents.
Contracts and Grants (C&G) Various Applications that manage UCI’s extramural funding at the post-award stage like for C&G Billing, Payroll Certification, Cost Sharing, etc.
Accounts Receivable (AR) Third-party invoicing. For the IR Campus & MC, this will be primarily used for Financial Services AR invoicing for Sundry Debtors and Third Party Customers.