Where is my Paycheck?

UCI no longer prints or distributes paper paychecks on campus. Paper paychecks are mailed to your home address directly from the bank and may take several days to arrive. This change is being implemented at all UCs as they transition to UCPath, the new systemwide payroll, benefits, and HR system.

Missing Pay Checks

If you are enrolled in paper paycheck delivery and have not received your check within several days of payday, please contact your local payroll coordinator or the UCI Employee Experience Center (EEC) for help. You can check your home address on UCPath Online to verify that it is correct. You can find the Personal Information Summary section on UCPath Online by doing the following:

  • Dashboard Navigation: Personal Information > Personal Information Summary
  • Menu Navigation: Employee Actions > Personal Information > Personal Information Summary

Enroll in Direct Deposit

Direct Deposit electronically transfers your payments to your bank account. Each payday, the net of your paycheck is electronically transmitted to your bank and will be available that morning. It’s significantly faster than getting paid by paper paychecks, which are mailed to an employee’s home address and may take several days to arrive. Learn how to sign up.