The KFS Action List

The Action List enables users to view and act on eDocs that require completion by way of Acknowledge, Approve, and FYI action requests.

Actions Requested

Action Action Description
ACKNOWLEDGE This eDoc is Enroute, and is in the action list because an Acknowledgement has been requested. The user must open the eDoc in question and acknowledge that he/she has viewed the details of the transaction, although without the need for giving formal approval. To do this, the user has to click the Acknowledge button at the bottom of the screen.
  • If an eDoc has no Approve requests pending, but still has an outstanding Acknowledge request, it cannot proceed to Final status; instead, its status will change to Processed. Acknowledges do not stop a document or transaction from fully completing.
APPROVE The eDoc is Enroute and is in the action list because it requires approval or disapproval. The approver must open the eDoc and indicate whether it is acceptable by clicking approve or Disapprove. The status of the eDoc will not change until the user selects either the approve or disapprove button.
COMPLETE This eDoc has been Saved and is in the action list because all saved documents are placed in the initiator’s Action List so the user may continue to complete the eDoc before submitting it.
FYI This eDoc is Enroute, and is in the action list because an FYI has been sent. This is a courtesy notification that lets a user know that an action has been taken on an eDoc without delaying it from proceeding to Final status after all Approve and Acknowledge requests have been acted upon. The FYI request is the only one of the action requests that allows the recipient to acknowledge an eDoc regardless of whether he or she has viewed its details.

FYI requests can be cleared from the Action List without opening the document by selecting FYI in the drop down menu. Then selecting take actions button at the bottom of the Action List.

view FYI requests

All FYI requests can be cleared from the Action List by selecting FYI in the drop down menu, selecting the apply default button then selecting the take actions button at the bottom of the Action List.

select default button

Action List Columns

Column Name Column Description
Id The Document ID column displays the unique KFS Document Number that identifies a particular document.
Type The Document Type column identifies the type of document that is in the Action List. This helps distinguish between different types of transactions or maintenance documents.
Title The Document Title column is the title entered into the document when it is created. Depending on the document, the title may have been assigned by the Initiator or built in automatically based on the contents of the document.
Route Status The Route Status column displays the current workflow status of a document in the course of its routing. Statuses include Enroute, Saved, Processed, Final, or Disapproved.
Action Requested The Action Requested column displays the action one needs to take on a particular document. Actions that may be requested of a user are Acknowledge, Approve, Complete, and FYI.
Initiator The Initiator column displays the name of the user who initiated or created the document.
Scanned The Scanned? Column lets users know if documentation has been scanned. A "Y" will be displayed if items have been scanned into the document and the field will be blank if no documents have been scanned. This only applies to eDocs that require cover sheets.
Log The Log column features a button that opens the Route Log to display the routing history of a particular document. Routing information includes what actions have been taken, what is pending, and all future action requests.

Action List Preferences

The system allows users to change the automatic refresh rate, Action List page size, email notification frequency, and row colors that indicate the status of the document. Additionally, users can limit the list of documents in the Action List by setting filters for delegates or workflow status. To make any of these changes, click the preferences button in the Action List.


Automatic Refresh Rate: Users can choose how often their action list is automatically refreshed.

Action List Page Size: Users can enter a number of rows to display per page in their action list.

Receive Primary/Secondary Delegate Emails: Select this check-box to receive an email when an eDoc arrives in your action list for which you are the primary or secondary delegate.

In the list, select Secondary Delegators on Action List or Secondary Delegators only on Filter Page to specify when to show the secondary delegation entries in your action list.

general preferences

Fields Displayed In Action List

Users can select the check-boxes next to any item to include in the Action list.

field preferences

Email Notification Preferences

Users can choose how often emails are sent to notify them that an eDoc is in their action list and requires attention.

email notification preferences

Receive Primary Delegate Emails: Check this box to receive Primary Delegate Emails.

Receive Secondary Delegate Emails: Check this box to receive Secondary Delegate Emails.

Default Email Notification: Select one of the desired email frequencies from the list.

  • None
  • Weekly
  • Immediate (If Immediate is selected, one email per Action List Item will be sent to the users inbox

Document Type Notification: Users can choose how often email notifications are sent for specific document types. More detail? Should we include this in an advanced action list section along with more detail on delegate emails?

Send Email Notifications For: Users can choose which Action Request types they would like to receive emails for.

To save the preferences set click the save button. To return to the default preferences, click the reset button.

Action List Filter

Setting a filter allows users to display a limited subset of the Action List. Users can filter by Document Title, Document Route Status, Action Requested, Document Type, and Date Created and Date Assigned. To clear filter settings, click the clear button.

action list filter

Action List Outbox

Users will be able see documents that they have approved by going to their action list and selecting the outbox link.

action list outbox

Documents that the user has Approved, Disapproved, Acknowledged or taken an FYI action on will appear in the Outbox.

Account Delegate Settings

Users who have been assigned as an account delegate can choose how they view the eDocs that they can approve as a delegate.

The Delegator Filter allows secondary delegates to choose how they view the eDocs that they can approve as a delegate.

Selecting Secondary Delegators on Action List Page will give the secondary delegate a drop down on their action list that allows them to switch between their action list or the Fiscal Officer’s action list.

delegator filter

action list delegator

Selecting Secondary Delegators only on Filter Page will make a drop down available in the Filter Page of the Action List.

primary delegate filter

The Primary Delegator Filter allows primary delegates to choose how the view the eDocs that they can approve as a delegate.

filter button

second delegate filter

The Primary Delegate Filter works the same as the Delegate Filter. The Delegator Filter is for secondary delegates while the Primary Delegate filter is for primary delegates.