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GSR, TA and AI Time Reporting

As previously reported, individuals who hold appointments in the Graduate Student Researcher (GSR), Teaching Assistant (TA) or Associate Instructor (AI) titles will be required to report absences/leaves taken in TRS effective for the pay period beginning on Oct. 1, 2023.

Important: The first monthly timesheet for these appointees will be for October 2023, the employee due date for this timesheet was scheduled for Monday, Nov. 6, 2023, at 12 p.m.

Any timesheets not submitted/approved for this population are now late, please review your populations, and ensure that all timesheets have been dispositioned accordingly.

Timesheet Approvals

Timesheet submissions and approvals must be completed following the corresponding employee, supervisor and DTA deadlines. Automated email notifications are built-in to TRS allowing individuals to be notified of pending timesheet actions. Appropriate monitoring and oversight of timesheet submission and approvals, minimizes the risks of potential errors or inaccuracies in payroll distribution and leave accrual balances.

DTAs are responsible for auditing their respective departments to ensure timesheet submissions and approvals are being completed timely. The Central Time Administration team will be auditing campus-wide timesheet submissions and follow up with DTAs as needed.

Employee, Supervisor, and DTA timesheet deadlines are available in the TRS Support & Training section of our UCI Payroll website: Time Reporting System (TRS) Deadlines. Note that some campus units may have stricter deadlines that must be considered, check with your campus business office to find out if your unit has different deadlines that must be followed.

Multiple Timesheet Profiles

Employees with multiple Jobs belonging to more than one Timesheet Profile will not have all assignments loaded into TRS, in this scenario only the first available job will load to TRS. Subsequently employees will only see the timesheet(s) for the job(s) that successfully loaded to TRS.


Employees holds 2 active jobs:

Rec 0 under Profile 2 (Monthly Exempt Salary) and Rec 1 under Profile 5 (Monthly Exempt Hourly). TRS will only load the first available job and will error out the second.

We understand that while salary jobs only need to report leave takes, hourly jobs need to report positive time worked to receive pay. If all departments involved agree to have the hourly job be the one that is loaded into TRS, please submit an EEC case to the Central Time Administration group, attaching the written agreement for assistance with manual updated to TRS. Note that following manual updates, takes for the salary job will need to be reported/tracked outside of TRS.

Have Questions or Need Help?

DTAs requiring TRS support/assistance can contact the Central Time Administration team by logging into UCI’s Employee Experience Center and selecting Click for Help to submit a local EEC inquiry:

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