Connexxus, UC Managed Travel Program - Login & Tips for Booking Travel

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If you haven't yet become a Connexxus user, follow the instructions for signing up on the right. You can log into the Connexxus system by clicking here: Connexxus Portal

  • From the Connexxus home page, select the Book Online Now button and choose the desired agency or search multiple agencies to find the best accommodations for your travel. The system works much like popular websites for booking air travel.
  • You can choose Contact an Agent if you have a special travel situation and require agent assistance, but be aware that extra fees are incurred by using an agent. The fees for this service are reimbursable for extensive international trips.
  • All trips booked through Connexxus—except when Southwest Airlines is used—are automatically registered with the UC Travel Insurance Program, so completion of the Travel Insurance Form is not necessary.
Setting up your Traveler Profile

Connexxus users have the option of inputting relevant travel information into the system, including basic biographical information and travel preferences. Doing this updates your information with Connexxus travel agencies. This information can also be seen by anyone you set up as a travel arranger.

  • After you log into the system, select the Edit Profile button and then the Update Contract Information button.
  • Complete all of the required fields and any optional fields you would like to include.
  • Select the Save button at the top or bottom of the Profile page to complete the process.

Note: Do not enter credit card information in the Payment section of your Profile. UCI does not store payment information, and any information entered in these fields will not be saved.

Designating a Connexxus Travel Arranger     

Connexxus enables you to give other employees various levels of access to your travel plans.

  • After you log into the system, select the Edit Profile button and then the Add Arranger button.
  • Enter the name or e-mail of the person you would like to designate as a Travel Arranger in the search box.
  • Check the Can Access box to allow this person to view your Profile and Travel Preferences
  • Check the Can Book box to give them permission to book your travel arrangements. This option should only be used when a CTS Card will be the method of payment.
  • Select Save at the top of the form.
Your travel arranger will be CC'd when your itinerary is e-mailed to you for any travel arrangements made through Connexxus.

Log into the Connexxus Website

Click this button to log into Connexxus

Click here to go to the Connexxus portal

Use your UCInetID and password to log on.

Registration is required, see the easy instructions for becoming a Connexxus user on this page.

Request Access to Connexxus

Any employee may use Connexxus, but first you must request access. To get access, simply send an e-mail to In the body of the e-mail state your:

  • Name
  • UCI affiliation
  • Office phone number

You will also need a valid UCInetID in order to log into the system. You'll receive an e-mail confirmation once access is established.