Accessing the Kuali Financial System

Most employees already have basic access to KFS, so you can simply login by doing the following:
  • Start from ZotPortal

Go to ZotPortal and click the "Login" link in the top right corner of the screen.

Go to ZotPortal and click Login in the top right corner.

  • Login and Go to the KFS Tab

Log in with your UCINetID and password. This will give you access to Faculty/Staff tabs. Click the "Finances/KFS" tab. It should appear in the yellow bar that runs across the screen. This will take you to the main interface for KFS. 

Click the

  • Action List

Once you're in the Finances/KFS tab, you will see many different portlets. The "KFS Tools" portlet appears by default in the top left corner. Click the Action List link in this portlet to see e-documents that need your review or approval.

Click the Action List link

Off-Campus Access

You need to use a UCI connected computer to access KFS or KSAMS.   If off-campus, you'll need to first be connected via OIT's Software VPN (Virtual Private Network):  This requires a one-time download to your computer or mobile device, and to be logged in when preparing to navigate to KFS, KSAMS, and UCIBuy.  This is required to safeguard sensitive financial data. 

Visit the Financial Management Support website for more information about how to use KFS.

Password Protection

Security threats to the University's information systems from employees sharing passwords are a greater threat than unauthorized access by outsiders. Users must always strive to maintain password confidentiality, and protect passwords form disclosure. This requires user discipline and awareness that users are responsible for their own password security.

  • Passwords are confidential and should not be shared with anyone, including supervisors, co-workers, family members, or friends. Users should also not carelessly disclose their passwords by writing them down and not adequately securing them.
  • An authorized user should never let another person sign-on under their UCINetID, and users should never sign on and leave without logging off or taking other comparable precautions.
  • A user is accountable for everything done with his/her UCINetID. In a situation where an unauthorized transaction occurs, we can identify the user under which it was done.
  • If there is a reason to suspect that password confidentiality has been compromised, the user is responsible for changing his/her password immediately and reporting the suspicion to the Office of Information Technology.
  • System access privilege can be denied, suspended, or permanently revoked when it is determined that a user is not adequately protecting their password.
  • Security guidelines and policies are contained at

Managing Access: KSAMS and SAMS

Department Security Administrators use KSAMS (Kuali Security Access Maintenance System) to give employees access to the Kuali Financial System and a number of other administrative systems.

The similarly named SAMS (Security Access Maintenance System) is older and is now only used to give access to a handful of older systems, including the Payroll/Personnel System.

If you are a financial system user who needs help managing your access, you should simply contact your DSA:

Click here to identify your DSA.