Existing KFS Vendors & PaymentWorks

Information Changes for Existing Vendors in KFS

If the KFS vendor does not need any update, you can move forward with using the KFS vendor number. If any change needs to be made to the KFS vendor, you can submit a PaymentWorks onboarding invitation and in the Description of Payment enter the change that needs to be made and the KFS vendor number (Example: "Remit address update for KFS vendor 1234-0").

Some common reasons for change requests include:

  • Reactivation of Vendor
  • Add a new PO or Remit address (needs a new division)
  • Correct an existing address (no new division)
  • The Vendor has updates to their payment method
  • Name or Tax ID Changes (provide details)
  • Merger or Deactivation
  • Changes to the Vendor type (DV to PO)