Checking Onboarding Status in PaymentWorks

After you request an onboarding invitation be sent to your vendor, you can check the status of that invitation at any time in PaymentWorks.

  1. Login to PaymentWorks (see the inviting vendors page for details)
  2. From the main menu, you should click on the box that says "Vendor Master Updates"
  3. Select the New Vendors Onboarding dashboard

PaymentWorks Vendor Dashboard Screen

The dashboard view defaults to the latest date order in the "Updated" column. For quick help, you can watch the video linked in the dashboard.

Filtering Results

By default, PaymentWorks shows invitations from all UCI users - not just invitations that you have requested. For this reason, initiators should never enter any private, sensitive or personal identifying information related to HIPAA. When checking the status of an invitation, we recommend using the filters to narrow your results.

Commonly Used Dashboard Search Fields:

  • Invitation Initiator (enter your UCInetID to see only your invites)
  • Vendor Contact Email
  • Vendor Name

Tracking Invitation Status

The dashboard can be used to track the vendor registration and onboarding completion. When tracking your invite, pay special attention to the following:

  • Once the Initiator submits the invite request, the INVITATION status is "Pending Approval." This means it is awaiting review by the UCI Vendor Coordinator.
  • When the Vendor Coordinator approves the invite request, the INVITATION status changes as it is processed, according to the table below.

Invitation Statuses

Status Explanation
Pending Approval Invitation is in the Vendor Coordinator queue for review.
Sent Acknowledges that the invitation was sent. If status remains over 2 days, the email address needs to be validated.
Delivered Invitation was delivered to the vendor’s email.
Opened Vendor opened the invitation email.
Clicked Vendor read the invitation email and clicked the link to create a PaymentWorks account.
Rejected Vendor Coordinator rejected the invitation request.
Undeliverable Invitation delivery was unsuccessful. This usually indicates the contact email address was invalid.
Canceled The invitation has been canceled.

Tracking Vendor Account Status

When the vendor registers in PaymentWorks, the VENDOR ACCOUNT status changes. These statuses primarily are related to the vendor creating an account with PaymentWorks.

Vendor Account Statuses

Status Explanation
No Account Vendor has not used their invitation nor click the link to create a PaymentWorks account.
Registered Vendor account was created but not activated.
Email Validated Vendor has created and activated their account.

Tracking Registration Status

The NEW VENDOR REGISTRATION status changes based on the vendor’s registration activity. You can review all of the possible statuses in the table below. When the New Vendor Registration status is completed, you will see the KFS parent vendor number, this indicates that the vendor/payee is now in KFS. At that point, you should go to KFS to view full vendor information or initiate eDocs

New Vendor Registration Statuses

Status Explanation
Not Started Vendor has not entered information on their registration.
In Progress Vendor started entering information on the registration but has not submitted.
Submitted - Pending PaymentWorks Review The vendor has completed and submitted the registration form. PaymentWorks is now in the process of reviewing the vendor's banking information.
Submitted - PaymentWorks Waiting for Vendor Response The vendor has completed and submitted the registration form. PaymentWorks has called the vendor and left a message, and the vendor needs to return the phone call.
Submitted - Pending Internal Review The vendor has completed and submitted the registration form. PaymentWorks has reviewed the bank account, and the registration is now waiting for internal review from the initiator's organization.
Returned The registration has been returned to the vendor in order for a correction to be made. The vendor will be emailed directly with the requested correction. They will also receive a message in their “Messages” tab on the dashboard.
Approved The registration has been approved by the Vendor Coordinator.
Rejected Vendor rejected the registration.
Processed The registration has been entered by the vendor and sent to your campus vendor coordinator for entry into KFS.
Complete The vendor record has been created in KFS, and the vendor number has been issued. The KFS vendor number will appear under “New Vendor Registration”.

Need Help? If you have any questions about the status of your invitation, please contact the UCI Vendor Coordinator at