Requesting to Invite a Vendor in PaymentWorks

Before beginning the invite process, you should check if the vendor has already been onboarded in the Kuali Financial System (KFS). There is no need to onboard a vendor in PaymentWorks if they already exist.

Gathering Information

Before you start the process to invite a vendor to be onboarded, make sure you have the following information ready:

  • Vendor Name
  • Vendor's E-mail
  • Payment Reason

You will also need to determine whether your vendor should be onboarded as a Disbursement Voucher (DV) or Purchase Order (PO) vendor. For more information about how to pay a vendor, see the following resources:

Here are some additional tips on determining the correct vendor type:

Onboard as a DV Vendor if you are …

  • Onboarding a vendor for reimbursement purposes.
  • Paying the vendor with a Disbursement Voucher.
  • Not able to reimburse the individual on Travel & Event Management documents (TR, ENT, RELO) using the one-time payee option because you must pay via Foreign Wire
  • Note: Don’t onboard individuals when using DV for Refunds (limited use).

Onboard as a PO Vendor if you are …

  • Onboarding for KFS Purchasing
  • Paying the vendor with a Requisition (REQS) or Purchase Order (PO)
  • Note: Don’t onboard when paying with a PALCard.
  • Tip: Check with Procurement Services to see if an existing Contract Supplier can be used first and to verify the preferred buying method.

Logging Into PaymentWorks

UCI single sign-on screen

Starting on Monday, Nov. 2, you will find the link on ZotPortal in the Finances/KFS tab:

  • KFS Accounts Payable >
    • Vendor >
      • PaymentWorks Vendor Onboarding
  • KFS Purchasing >
    • Vendor >
      • PaymentWorks Vendor Onboarding

PaymentWorks has integrated the UCI single sign-on (SSO) in their website, so you can login with your UCInetID and password.

There is no need to request access or a special user role.

Requesting to Send a Vendor Invite

Step 1: Navigate Main Menu

After you login, you will be taken to the PaymentWorks Homepage. Click on the "Vendor Master Updates" box. The other boxes are primarily used by central accounting users.

PaymentWorks main menu screenshot

Step 2: Invitation Button

You will be taken to the New Vendors Dashboard appears after selecting the Vendor Master Updates from the PaymentWorks homepage. Click on Send Invitation button to open up the Invite New Vendor form.

PaymentWorks Vendor Dashboard screen

Step 3: Complete the Form

On the Invite New Vendor form, fill out the required fields. Guidance on filling out some of the form fields is included below.

Vendor invite screen

Description of Goods and Services

For the Description of Goods and Services field, indicate the type of vendor (DV or PO) and the payment reason code. For example,

  • DV – Honoraria, Research Participant, Award, Membership/Subscription dues, etc.
  • PO – Supplier, Vendor Contract, Performance/Service agreement, Individual Contractor/Consultant agreement, etc.

For more information, see the Gathering Information section above.

Reason for Inviting this Supplier

For the Reason for Inviting this Supplier field, use the drop-down menu to select Product, Service, or both. If your payment does not meet either, by default please select both Product and Service.

Personalized Message

The Personalized Message field allows custom text to appear on the Vendor Invitation email that is sent to the vendor. This should be used to advise the vendor if there is a department contact to whom they can refer their questions. Either leave this field blank or use the following generic text:

Kindly complete the registration for UCI Payment Processing. For further reference, you can also contact the department sending you the invitation [Initiator Name] directly at

Step 4: Sending

Click “Send” on the invitation. You will receive a confirmation that the invitation is pending approval by the UCI Vendor Coordinator. After approval, a UCI Vendor Onboarding invitation email will be sent from PaymentWorks to the vendor. Once the vendor clicks the email link, the payee will be required to create a PaymentWorks account (no fee) in order to begin the UCI registration process. The initiator’s name will appear in the invite.

Change Requests for Current Vendors

Any change requests to KFS vendors require you to send a Paymentworks onboarding invitation and, in the Description of Payment, enter the change that needs to be made. Please be sure to also include the KFS vendor number (Example: "ACH update to KFS vendor 1234-0").