Intercampus Transfer (ICT) eDoc Guide

An Intercampus Transfer (ICT) eDoc records a Financial transfer (generally an expense, for departments) between UC Irvine and another UC campus or Office of the President (UCOP).

This document is typically used to bill another UC campus for expenses UC Irvine has incurred. (Example: UCI incurred expenses on behalf of another UC location and is seeking payment to cover part of the expenses.) Rather than cut checks to one another, UC handles Intercampus Transfers via a system of financial control accounts similar to an intercampus recharge.

When an ICT Should Not be Used

If you need to perform a budgetary transfer, you would need to process an ITF (Interlocation Transfer of Funds). ITFs are administered by the Budget Office. For more information, visit Interlocation Transfers.

What are Some Examples of ICTs?

ICT examples include:

  • A joint-conference between two UC campuses was held at UC Irvine, and the other UC campus agreed to pay for half of the event fees.
  • Irvine's Faculty provided services to another campus, and the other campus agreed to cover half of the travel expenses.
  • Registration or meeting expenses to be paid by another campus.

Which Campus Completes the ICT?

For reimbursements and other recharges, the campus receiving the credit most often initiates the transfer. Typically the campus that is owed the money would want to record their credit/income immediately, so initiates the ICT document in KFS. Think of it in terms of sending an invoice – the company that is owed the money, sends the invoice. If you are completing the ICT, you'll see the UC campus tab in the KFS eDoc.

If UCOP or a different campus will be completing an their campus' equivalent of an ICT, provide them with your KFS Full Accounting Unit (FAU). The required fields are chart, account, and object code for UCI. Optional fields are sub-account, sub-object, and project.

What if my Contact Does not Know Their Full Accounting Unit?

Your contact must seek help from his/her accounting or finance department. They need to let their department know about the expense transfer coming, and each campus has a unique financial system and method of account formatting. UC Irvine generally cannot assist with finding out the other person's accounting info, so make sure the department contact knows beforehand or contacts their own finance analyst.

How do ICTs Appear on the Ledger?

ICTs appear in the KFS General Ledgers as Document Type ICT.