KFS General Ledger Inquiries

Users may access a number of balance inquiries that retrieve budgets, pending entries, actual amounts posted and other transactional data within the General Ledger. Users also have the ability to see documents that have not been posted yet and may be in transition in workflow.

KFS General Ledger Inquries look directly at the KFS System. KFS Reports in Decision Support retrieve data from the KFS System every night to update reports the next morning.

The “Include Pending Ledger Entry” option provides the user with the ability to include all pending entries, no pending entries, or only those pending entries that are fully approved. Canceled and disapproved pending entries are not pulled into the balance inquiry results.

Each Inquiry allows for drill down functionality down to the entry detail or source document.

Below is a table of GL Inquiries available in KFS:

Inquiry Description
Available Balances Displays the cumulative balances for an account by object code
Balances by Consolidation Displays account balances at the summarized consolidation level
General Ledger Balance Displays an account's balances by object
General Ledger Entry Displays the transaction detail for an account
General Ledger Pending Entry Displays pending transactions from documents that have been approved or submitted for approval, but have not yet posted to the General Ledger
Open Encumbrances Displays the detail for an account's open encumbrances

Columns on Balance Inquiries

The following table explains what each column balance means when looking at KFS Balance Inquiries:

Column Name Description
Budget This would typically represent the Current Budget (Balance Type ‘CB’). This shows operating budget, estimated budget, or estimated income.
Actuals (Financial) This represents actual expenses that have incurred or income realized. (Real dollars moving in or out)
Encumbrances This could include Pre-Encumbrances, External Encumbrances, and Internal Encumbrances. This shows liens made and released on an account.

Available Balances

The Available Balances inquiry displays the cumulative balances for an account by object code. The drilldown pattern is as follows:

  1. General Ledger Balance
  2. GL Entry Lookup
  3. E-Doc

The cumulative balances by object code are displayed in the results. You may drill into the amount column to view the details that make up the total amount.

Balances by Consolidation

This inquiry displays account balances at the highest reporting level (the consolidation level) and allows you to drill down to the next reporting level. You can continue this drill down process to arrive at the actual e-doc where the transaction began (assuming the transaction originated with a KFS e-doc and not from an external system). You must specify the chart and the account number you wish to view in the report criteria window. The fiscal year defaults to the current fiscal year, but may be changed. You may also include a sub-account if you are interested in that level of detail.

The drilldown pattern of this inquiry is as follows:

  1. Balances by Consolidation
  2. Balances by Level
  3. Balances by Object
  4. General Ledger Balance
  5. General Ledger Entry
  6. E-Doc

The highest level of summary you see in this inquiry is by account consolidation based on the Consolidation Object levels established by your institution. You may drilldown into the summary by level by clicking the Drill Down link.

General Ledger Balance

The General Ledger Balance inquiry shows an account's object code balances for each month of the fiscal year. Similar to some of the other General Ledger inquiry screens the user can drill down into the balances to view transaction detail and individual e-docs.

The drilldown pattern of this inquiry is as follows:

  1. General Ledger Balance
  2. General Ledger Entry
  3. E-Doc

The General Ledger Balance includes the summary balances by Account Number and Object Code followed by monthly transaction amount. You may see the details behind the monthly transaction total amount by clicking the amount hyperlink.

General Ledger Entry

The General Ledger Entry inquiry displays the individual transactions that make up the balance in an account.

The drilldown pattern of this inquiry is as follows:

  1. General Ledger Entry
  2. E-Doc

Learn more about General Ledger Columns.

General Ledger Pending Entries

The General Ledger Pending Entry Lookup is identical to the General Ledger Entry lookup except that it displays General Ledger Pending Entry transactions. Transactions are pending until the document has made its way completely through the approval process and the nightly GL batch posting job has run.

Open Encumbrances

The Open Encumbrances inquiry displays the detail for open encumbrances. You must enter either the fiscal year, chart, and account number or the fiscal year and document number. The valid values you may choose from the encumbrance report include 'EX' (external encumbrances), 'IE' (internal encumbrance), and 'PE' (pre-encumbrance). External encumbrances are those that are owed externally to entities outside your institution, such as a POs to a vendor.