LWOP Reporting for GSRs, TAs, and AIs: Implementation of “I-618 Generator”

Sent to the AFS-Update mailing list on May 15, 2024

Starting on October 1, 2023, individuals who hold appointments in the Graduate Student Researcher (GSR), Teaching Assistant (TA) or Associate Instructor (AI) positions have been required to report absences/leaves taken in TRS. Employees in these positions that report Leave Without Pay (LWOP) on their timesheet need to have their pay reduced by the appropriate daily rate for their position for the LWOP day(s) taken.

New I-618 Generator Available Now

A new “I-618 Generator” tool is now available in TRS to help DTAs generate an I-618 file for UCPath Payroll processing of pay reduction for employees meeting the following criteria as appropriate:

        Profiles: Monthly Exempt Salary, Biweekly Exempt Salary
Hour Types: LWOP (Leave without Pay), FMLA NP (No Pay)
Compensation Frequency: UC_9M, UC_10, UC_11, UC912
Title Unit Codes: BX, BR

Generating & Saving the I-618 File

When submitting timesheets for employees that meet the above-mentioned criteria, TRS will present the following message:trs-i618.png

Click on “Proceed to Timesheet Submission”, this will submit the timesheet to UCPath for payroll processing.

Once all Timesheets have been submitted for your assigned department(s), navigate to “Review/Submit Payroll” > “I-618 Generator”. Enter search criteria for the appropriate pay period(s) and department(s) that you need to generate an I-618 file for and click search:


Once you have identified and selected the appropriate employee/timesheet records click on “Generate I-618” button at the bottom left corner of the TRS screen:


The I-618 Excel file will generate and save to your default file downloads repository. Access and save the file to the location of your choice on your computer so that you can email it to Central Payroll for processing, please use the following naming convention when saving your file:

Naming Convention: I618_MO_TRS_BXBR_SubmitterId_DeptId-PEDMMDDYYYY

(text in italics is customizable)

Sample: I618_MO_TRS_BXBR_10123456_IR7363-PED04302024

Submitting your I-618 File to Central Payroll

Email the file(s) to Central Payroll using the following email template:

To: UCI On-Cycle Payroll Support <oncyclepayrollsuprt@uci.edu>
Subject: BR/BX I-618 File Submission: Dept <insert ID> PED <insert PED>
Attached please find the <insert dept ID & name> I-618 for BR/BX individuals with LWOP reported for Pay Period Ending <insert PPE>. The MO pay date is scheduled for 06/01/2024. The I-618 file contains <insert # of rows> rows; empty rows and filters have been removed.

Please note that I-618 files must be received by Central Payroll following the Monthly TRS DTA Deadlines.  

Have Questions or Need Help?

DTAs requiring TRS support/assistance can contact the Central Time Administration team by submitting a Time Reporting System (TRS) and Timesheet Inquiry via the Employee Experience Center.

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