Current and Past Allowable Mileage Rates

Man driving a car

Below are the current and past allowable mileage rates for various types of vehicles. These rates are set according to IRS rules and can vary annually.

Employee-Owned Automobiles


58.5 cents per mile


56 cents per mile


57.5   cents per mile

Privately Owned Motorcycles

  • Privately owned motorcycles are not authorized for use on UCI business.

Employee-Owned Automobiles Used for Relocation*


18 cents per mile


16 cents per mile


17 cents per mile

* For eligible employees only

IRS Standard Mileage Rates Page

For the most up-to-date rates, keep in mind that the information on this page can also be found on the Internal Revenue Service standard mileage rates page.

Calculating Mileage

For more information about calculating your mileage and what sorts of trips are allowable, see the personal vehicles page.