TRS Resources for Employees

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Employees play perhaps the most vital role in ensuring they are paid in a timely and accurate manner each pay period. By consistenly clocking in/out and/or submitting your timesheets prior to the TRS Employee Deadline each pay period, you allow your Supervisors and Departmental Time Administrators (DTAs) the time necessarry to review, approve, and/or submit your timesheets prior to their respective TRS Deadlines.

We've created the videos below to introduce employees to TRS. The process is different depending on whether you're paid monthly or biweekly, so make sure to watch the right video for you. 

Biweekly Paid Employee TRS Training

Monthly Paid Employee TRS Training

Additional Resources

The resources below are intended for employes who report their time via TRS and are categorized as Reference Guides, Job Aids, and/or Other Resources.