Expired Account Warning & Override Coming to KFS

Sent to AFS-Update on Aug. 12, 2022

The KFS Team will release a new feature this weekend that will provide better visibility and control when posting transactions to expired accounts using KFS eDocs. After the update is rolled out, initiators and approvers will begin to see warnings in the Accounting Lines tab whenever they attempt to post to an expired account.

Shows the Account Expired Override box in the Accounting Lines tab of a KFS eDoc.

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Users will have the option to select an Account Expired Override box when finalizing and posting transactions that have occurred on a recently expired account. However, if an account has been expired long enough that the posting would present an audit risk (currently set as 120 days), the initiator or approver will not be able to select the override. As always, no one can post to or use a Closed KFS Account in a KFS eDoc.

If you have an account that is expiring or closing, attention and care should be taken to update non-KFS sources for posting payment or general ledger information. Departments should update UCPath and other systems that post financial entries immediately when an account is about to expire or be closed.

Note: Procurement documents (REQS, PO, POA) and Budget documents (BA & BAT) do not allow the use of expired accounts at any time and are not affected by the above.

For questions about this new feature, please contact the KFS Help Desk at kfs@uci.edu

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