New Policies for Non-Student Billing

Sent to the AFS-Update mailing list on March 9, 2022

Financial Services recently completed a review and update of all non-student billing policies and procedures. The following policies are now available on the UCI Administrative Policies & Procedures website:

As a reminder, all university invoices must be created using the Campus Billing System Online (CBSO). This application produces the only approved invoice format for the university. Invoicing outside of CBSO causes misstatement of campus financials and is out of compliance with generally accepted accounting principles (GAAP).

Financial Services is offering two online classes for individuals who are new to creating invoices at UCI and anyone else who would like to refresh their knowledge of the CBSO system. The following classes are available now on the UC Learning Center (UCLC) website:

Online Course: Click link to view on UCLC
This course is an overview of accounts receivable policies and procedures. It should be completed by anyone who creates non-student accounts receivable invoices. This course is a prerequisite to the
Campus Billing System Online Training below.

Online Course: Click link to view on UCLC
This course provides interactive training for billing and invoicing non-student receivables using the Campus Billing System Online (CBSO).

Staff requesting access to CBSO for customer billing will be required to take and pass these classes, prior to the access being granted. Those employees who already use CBSO will be notified on a rolling basis when they must refresh their knowledge and complete the training.

If you have any questions about CBSO, contact Jami Muniz at 949-824-4686.

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