Training for Financial Managers of Recharge Facilities

Sent to the AFS-Update mailing list on Jan. 18, 2022

Accounting & Fiscal Services has launched a new training that will be required for anyone who manages the finances or otherwise oversees an official recharge facility, including financial directors, fiscal officers, business managers and others. The training covers all important aspects of managing a recharge facility including setting rates, subsidies, how to handle surpluses and deficits, base budget set-up, accounting, and annual review.

Register on UC Learning Center

The Official Recharge Facility and Activity Overview course can be accessed online through the UC Learning Center (UCLC). To sign up for the online course, click here and follow the instructions to register.

Have Questions? Contact David Shim, Associate Director, Cost Accounting for more information about this training or see the Costing Policy and Analysis website at

Ensure Recharge Facility Equipment is Identified in KFS

tools icopnFinancial managers should ensure that all equipment being used in recharge facilities is identified as such in the Kuali Financial System. The Asset Detail document should be updated by your department’s Asset Representative (please contact if you need information), so that the recharge indicator field is set to “yes” if an asset is being used in a recharge facility.

Please see UCI’s Recharge Facility and Activity Review and Approval Interim Policy for more information about this topic.

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