Guidance on Processing Travel Cancellations

Sent to AFS-Update mailing list on April 8, 2020

Recently, UCI amended its travel policy to address the ongoing public health emergency. That amendment provided guidance on the reimbursement process for travel cancellations related to COVID-19. The procedure below further clarifies and streamlines the refund process for travel cancelations. All COVID-19 related business travel refunds must follow the following process:

  • Process Reimbursement: Process a Travel Reimbursement (TR) document through KFS to refund the traveler. All travel reimbursements must conform to G-28 Travel Regulations. The initiator must enter in the explanation field in the KFS document that the reimbursement is related to COVID-19.
  • Get Required Approval: The Travel Reimbursement must have an exceptional approval in the route log.
  • Submit Trip Cancellation Form: When the Travel Reimbursement is approved and in FINAL status, the fiscal officer should submit a Trip Cancellation Form to Risk Services. The form must be filled out completely with all three signatures on the form and must include proof of cancellation and if the traveler received a refund of future air credit.

If you already filed a Trip Cancellation Form with Risk Services, nothing more is needed, as this form is currently being reviewed and you will receive a response. Please do not submit another claim form to Risk Services as this will cause delays in processing and possible duplicate payments.

Have Questions? Please contact Travel Accounting at for information about travel reimbursements or Risk Management at for information about the Trip Cancellation Form.

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