New Report for Tracking COVID-19 Paid Leave

Sent to UCPath Transactors on April 7, 2020

Last month, it was announced that employees are eligible to receive paid administrative leave in order to cope with the impact of the COVID-19 pandemic. Accounting & Fiscal Services has developed a new report to help campus units track usage of this leave. Neither the Time Reporting System (TRS) nor UCPath have an automatic cap on this type of leave. As a result, campus units must manually track usage to ensure their employees do not exceed their allotted limit.

To make this tracking as easy as possible, the UCPath COVID-19 Leave Expenses report provides summary data and cumulative totals for employee usage of the COVID-19 earn code. screenshot showing link location in ZotPortalIn the second tab, you can review the total hours used to ensure employees do not exceed the paid leave limit. Part time employees have fewer hours of paid leave available to them, so the report calculates an employee’s cap on paid leave hours (max number of leave hours * the employee’s FTE ratio) as well as their balance remaining.

Organizations may have their own policies and calculations on the limit/cap for students and limited staff, and should adhere to those irrespective of report calculations. The report can be filtered by organization and other criteria as needed.

Get Started: The UCPath COVID-19 Leave Expenses report is accessible in ZotPortal under Decision Support. Access to the report is limited to users in the same manner as all other payroll reports. If you have any questions about tracking COVID-19 Paid Leave, please contact the Employee Experience Center.

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