PALCard Reconciliation Period Extended

Posted to the Accounting Website on March 18, 2020

To accommodate increased telecommuting needs, we are extending the PALCard transaction (PCDO) reconciliation period for auto-sending for all en-route and new PCDO documents that have a create date through April 11th from 15 calendar days to 30 calendar days. This should allow additional time to review routing or uploaded back-up documentation, and ensure PALCard reconciliation in a timely manner.

Back-up documentation can include pictures of receipts, PDF attachments, or other images uploaded to the "Image Scanning" tab in the PCDO. Please be sure to redact any card information or non-UCI addresses. Departments or schools may have internal back-up documentation procedures.

Please refer to Section 7 of UCI’s Short-Term Telecommuting Agreement (rev. 3/11/20) regarding "Space and Equipment" which indicates the conditional use and setup of your off-site work space. For business expenses, Section 11 of the agreement states that purchases made with PALCard will need pre-approval from supervisors/department management for shipping to non-campus addresses. Please be sure to use the pre-approval email as part of the required back-up documentation for the PCDO, either uploaded in the “image scanning” tab or back-up documentation routed to the reconcilers/fiscal officers.

For more information, please contact

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