Reminder: Finalize Enroute Employee Reimbursements no Later Than Dec. 20

Sent to the AFS-Update mailing list on Dec. 12, 2019

Kuali Financial System users should be aware that all currently enroute or saved employee reimbursements will become unusable after UCI goes live with UCPath over the holidays. To ensure these documents do not generate errors in the financial system, the Accounting & Fiscal Services team must disapprove any employee reimbursement document that is not in finalized or processed status by the close of business on Friday, Dec. 20.

This action is required because employee ID numbers will be changing in UCPath. Reimbursements in KFS use an employee’s ID number to identify them as the payee, and the old employee IDs will trigger an error after the cutover to UCPath. Reimbursements to vendors, one-time payees, and students can remain enroute, as the UCPath conversion should not affect this population. The following KFS documents will be disapproved after Dec. 20 if they are not in final/processed status and the payee is an employee:

  • Disbursement Voucher (DV)
  • Entertainment Reimbursement (ENT)
  • Travel Reimbursement (TR)
  • Travel Authorization (TA)
  • Moving and Relocation Reimbursement (RELO)

New reimbursements may be created beginning Jan. 2, 2020. Users will also be able to copy documents that were disapproved and resubmit them. Before submitting, please remember to search for the payee and select their updated employee ID number. If you have any questions, contact Accounts Payable directly at

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