Actions Required for HX/RX/TX Salary Implementation

Sent to the PPS-Update Mailing List on Oct. 2, 2019

Due to the recent UC Systemwide HX/RX/TX Salary Implementation, all biweekly non-exempt HX/RX/TX-represented employees will soon transition to earning daily overtime. Effective with the pay period beginning on Oct. 6, 2019, department payroll processors will be responsible for applying this daily overtime provision. We have provided more information below about the actions required.

For HX/RX/TX Employees who do use TRS

Beginning Sunday, Oct. 6, 2019, all HX/RX/TX-represented employees with active assignments will be required to have a work schedule set up in TRS. TRS will also begin automatically assigning all new HX/RX/TX-represented employees to daily overtime on Oct. 6.

NOTE: DTAs should review all employee work schedules within their assigned unit(s) before Oct. 6 and update any which do not reflect the employees’ actual schedule.

Default Work Schedules (Fixed, M-F, 8 hours/day) Loaded into TRS on Sept. 30

To facilitate the transition, default work schedules (Fixed, M-F, 8 hours/day) with a future effective date of 10/06/19 have been inserted into the Employee Profile of each HX/RX/TX-represented employee in TRS.

trs screen showing fixed schedule

DTAs can also search for the Work Schedules of all employees within their assigned unit(s) in TRS.

trs report showing work schedules

For HX/RX/TX Employees who do not use TRS

If you have HX/RX/TX employees who are not currently using TRS, you will need to manually apply the new overtime provision in the Payroll/Personnel System (PPS) as follows:

Daily overtime less than 40 hours in the work week:
  • For hours more than 8 hours in a regular shift: The department must report the daily overtime at time and a half (using DOS codes REG for the 1x component and DOS code OTH for the half component).
  • For hours more than 12 hours in a regular shift: The department must report daily overtime at double time (using DOS code REG for the 1x component and DOS code ODH for the other 1x component).
Daily overtime over 40 hours in the work week:
  • Departments must report OTP (overtime premium) as they normally do.

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