Description for Department Research Updated

Posted to the Accounting Website on Aug. 28, 2019

The Accounting Department recently updated the description for Department Research on the Higher Education Function Code (HEFC) page. UCI uses higher education function codes and UC Account Numbers to indicate the specific purpose of the activity recorded in an account in the campus financial system. The new description for Department Research is below.

INST – Department Research – 41xxxx

This category includes academic department activities in support of research, and may include allocations for:

    • Start-up funds for setup of new research activities
    • Bridge funding to cover research expenditures
    • Cost share associated with sponsored research (see sponsored research under RESR-44, 45-47, 48 and 49)
    • Seed funding
    • Gifts that support faculty research
    • Equipment to support research activities that is not charged to a contract or a grant
    • Other research projects that are not covered by activities described under RESR-44XXXX-59XXXX

Note that the Higher Education Function Code “Instruction and Research” labeled as INST, includes “Instruction” INST-40 and “Department Research” INST-41. UC Irvine uses accounts INST-41 to better track expenditures that are specifically related to departmental research, as compared to instruction or other general departmental activities.

Accounts for this function should have been created by April 2019. Please review your accounts immediately and process KFS Account COPY documents for new department research accounts.

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