KFS User Interface Updated This Weekend

Sent to the AFS-Update Mailing List on July 29, 2019

Kuali Financial System users will find several minor changes to the way KFS works this morning. These user interface changes were installed this weekend and only affect the navigation built into KFS. ZotPortal has not been changed. While we do not anticipate these changes to significantly impact business, we’ve detailed them for you below:

  • My Favorites

The “My Favorites” section of the KFS user interface is now accessible by selecting the “Home” link in the left-side navigation bar. It no longer has its own link in the navigation. The functionality of My Favorites is unchanged. Users can still add commonly used documents and other features to their favorites by selecting the heart icon next to the item in the navigation or via the My Favorites configuration menu.

  • Navigation Menus

Menu items in the left-side navigation no longer “fly out.” This effect has been removed and instead the same links appear in the main body of the screen under the categories of Activities, Reference, and Administration.

  • Reference/Administration

Some users may see additional links in the navigation under the categories of Reference and Administration. In the past, these categories were only shown if you selected the corresponding checkboxes in the left-side navigation. Those checkboxes have been removed and the links are now shown by default. The Reference section includes tools for looking up documents or information in the system (e.g. accounts, assets, ledger entries). The Administration section houses background system attribute tables, which are inaccessible to most users.

If you need additional help working with KFS, see the Navigating KFS page in the KFS Basics Guide. If you have any further questions, please contact the KFS Help Desk at kfs@uci.edu or 949-824-7001.

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