UG Procurement Standards Update

Sent to the AFS-Update Mailing List on March 27, 2019

When the University of California implemented new Uniform Guidance (UG) purchase types and thresholds last year, there were questions about how these new thresholds would apply to purchases made with mixed Federal and non-Federal funding. UCOP Procurement Services has posted updated guidance on this topic, and their FAQ now states the following:

How do these thresholds apply to mixed funding?

As an example: If you have a transaction around $100,000, with $9,000 in Federal funds and $91,000 in State funds, you would only have to adhere to State law. In other words, if it’s over $100,000, you would bid, and if it’s under $100,000 you wouldn’t have to bid (although it’s always a good idea). But, if the Federal funds portion is over the $10,000 threshold, you must adhere to Federal requirements for the whole transaction.

The UC Source Selection and Price Reasonableness (SSPR) form must be filled out if a contracted source is not used or competitive bids are not obtained for Federally Funded purchases of >$10,000 and non-Federally funded purchases of ≥$100,000. See the SSPR Form Instructions for more information. Procurement Services is working with the KFS Team to modify the SSPR Form warning messages that appear when submitting relevant KFS documents. Additionally, UCOP recently added a new section (VII) to the SSPR Form to ensure that equipment purchases are not made within 90 days of a funding expiration date – unless there is appropriate written approval.

More Information

For more details, please see UCI’s Uniform Guidance Procurement Standards. If you have any further questions, please contact Helen Chang, UCI Procurement Services Equipment Manager, at or 949-824-6111.

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