New Unified Organizational Hierarchy is Now Live

Sent to the KFS-Update Mailing List on Sept. 24, 2018

arrowsUCI’s new Unified Organizational Hierarchy for our accounting and payroll systems went live over the weekend. The process added new organization codes to the hierarchy for some units. It also adjusted the org level of some existing codes in order to create a standardized structure for reporting and rollups.

This major update to the campus organizational structure will make UCI’s financial data easier to analyze and create standard reporting and roll-ups across campus, eliminating the need for crosswalks between systems in the future. This project was also necessary to ensure UCPath can be successfully rolled out to the UCI campus.

Impact on Campus Business Offices

The new org hierarchy is not expected to significantly impact business for most campus units, but financial managers should be aware of the following:

  • Chart of Accounts Inquiry Report
    Users can easily review the new Unified Organizational Hierarchy using the Chart of Accounts Inquiry Report
  • Roles & Routing
    In order to ensure KFS access and routing will function as expected, some roles may need to be updated or changed. In particular, some units will need to modify the following KSAMS roles: Accounting Reviewer, Content Reviewer for REQS, and TEM Organization Profile Arranger. Other roles for any system that uses KFS org qualifiers may also be affected. See the full list of roles for details. 
  • Name Changes for Orgs
    Financial system users will find that the names of some organizations have been modified in KFS. This was done to make them standardized across campus.
  • DSAs for New Orgs
    Some units may need to create Department Security Administrators (DSAs) for new orgs. This should be done prior to processing KSAMS access requests.
  • Changing Orgs on Accounts
    With the new unified organizational structure in place, some departments may want to move accounts to new org codes. Financial managers should be aware that changing the org code of an account can impact transaction workflow, document access, and more. Units should particularly be careful with accounts that are used to pay employees.

Report Issues to the KFS Help Desk

Financial managers should report issues related to the new Unified Organizational Hierarchy to the KFS Help Desk, which is coordinating support services during this period. Thank you for your patience as we take this important step toward preparing for UCPath and making our data easier to analyze and report.

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