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Sent to All Employees on the UCI Campus on Aug. 28, 2018

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Kuali Research (KR) is Live!

UCI's Research Administration Software Gets an Upgrade

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UCI's research administration management software got a big upgrade last month and now has a new name – Kuali Research! The tools in KR help campus researchers and their support staff with an array of grants management tasks, including creating and submitting proposals, tracking negotiations, and ensuring compliance with rules and regulations around conflicts of interest.

Watch the KR Announcement Video for highlights.

One of the many benefits of KR is the improvements to the user experience for Proposal Development, which now requires less data entry. The upgrade to KR also allows UCI to take advantage of future software updates and new features as they become available from the Kuali development community.

Visit the Office of Research's Upgrade Information Website to find guides for faculty members and contract & grant officers. Ensuring UCI has the most up to date research administration tools is just part of how we are helping UCI manage its awards in compliance with an ever-increasing number of regulations and rules. We are excited to bring you KR as UCI's improved research administration software!

Recent Developments in UCI Grants Management

Capturing Better Data About UCI's Research Expenditures

Charts on a computer Capturing data about UCI's research expenditures is essential to measuring our research activity and comparing it to other institutions. Earlier this year, the Accounting Department and the Budget Office partnered with Sponsored Projects Administration (SPA) to develop a way to record and report expenditures for department research – i.e. research activity that UCI pays for with internal funds rather than federal grants or other types of awards. In the past, these department research expenditures were lumped together with instructional activity into a single reporting category.

The cross-functional group created a new way to capture and report this type of research spending and work is now underway to implement the solution across campus. Over time, this initiative will yield financial metrics essential to achieving the first pillar of our strategic plan. With this information, UCI will be able to accurately measure our research activity – regardless of source – with data that is competitive and consistent with research university peers across the United States.

More Detailed Payroll Data and Security for the ABO Report

Charts on a computer The Award Balance Overview (ABO) Report was updated this summer to provide campus researchers with more detailed information about payroll expenses charged to their contracts and grants – while ensuring that only users with appropriate security access can view the data.

The payroll data now included in the report is limited to charges on the PI's specific awards. Broader scope payroll data is still only available via the UC's payroll system. All campus Principal Investigators have automatically been given access to payroll data for their awards. All others may request access as needed via their departmental security administrator (DSA).

A link to the report can be found here on the Contracts & Grants Accounting homepage. Note that due to the sensitive nature of the information, you must be connected to the campus network or VPN to access the report. Learn more here.

Research Administration Knowledge Base

Payments to Graduate Students: Salaries vs. Stipends

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When it comes to processing payments to graduate students, salaries and stipends might seem similar, but they are treated very differently for tax purposes and under many other federal and non-federal regulations. Salaries for Graduate Student Researchers (GSRs) are allowable on federal research awards; stipends are not. This is because GSRs receive compensation for research work performed. Graduate student stipends are paid only to graduate fellows and trainees as a form of financial aid and do not require any service to be performed.

The National Institutes of Health (NIH) confirmed in the Grants Policy Statement that stipends may not be paid from NIH research grant funds even when they would appear to benefit the research project. Other Federal agencies have similar regulations. Stipends are allowable as cost-of-living allowances for trainees and fellows supported by fellowships and training grants.

For more information about differentiating between these two types of payment, see the Distinguishing Between Stipends for Training and Salaries/Wages for Student Compensation page on the Office of Research website. Everything You Need to Know

Charts on a computer is the clinical trial registry and results database of the U.S. National Library of Medicine. It provides free access to key information about clinical trials to the public. Awards that support a Scope of Work that meets the definition of "Clinical Trial" as prescribed in the NIH Policy or the DHHS Final Rule, are subject to reporting at To learn about registration requirements for, watch this new, three-part video and recommend it to your colleagues, so they can benefit from this information. Additional information may also be found on the Office of Research and NIH websites.

See More Instructional Videos: We also encourage you to subscribe to the Office of Research YouTube page to receive updates about future videos. Other recent video series cover topics like Human Research Protections and Food Expense Reimbursement.

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