Major KFS Org Structure Update Coming September

Sent to the KFS-Update mailing list on July 19, 2018

This September, UCI will establish and implement a new Unified Organizational Hierarchy for our accounting and payroll systems. This major update to the campus organizational structure will make UCI’s financial data easier to analyze and create standard reporting and roll-ups across campus, eliminating the need for crosswalks between systems in the future. This project is also necessary to ensure UCPath can be successfully rolled out to the UCI campus.

Is Your Unit Ready for the Change?

We expect the new org structure to be implemented by Monday morning, Sept. 24, and want to make sure all campus units and applications are prepared for the shift. Work is underway to ensure central office systems and applications are unaffected. We are simultaneously advising all campus business offices to do the following

  • If you have an application that interfaces with KFS or uses KFS org data, verify that technical support staff are aware this change is coming. The new organizational structure will change org codes for some units and adjust org levels for others. For applications that exchange data with KFS or use KFS org code values internally, this may require a manual adjustment to the data or programming logic.
  • If your unit’s org number is changing or moving, be prepared to update permissions and access on Sept. 24. Your unit’s financial management will be aware of any updates coming to your org code or structure. On the day of the change, these units will need to do the following:
    • Ensure the correct Departmental Security Administrator (DSA) is assigned for new org entries.
    • Review and request permissions via KSAMS for people related to new or moved orgs where access controls in KSAMS have an org qualifier.
    • Revise any reports that use hard-coded org codes in their selection criteria.
    • Request legacy UCIFS Org / SAMS permissions updates for select systems that use SAMS but not KSAMS.

Questions and Concerns

For questions about how this update will affect your specific organization, please contact your unit’s financial management. Affected campus units have been involved in the process of planning for updated org codes and structures. If you have other questions about the Unified Organizational Hierarchy project, please contact Romain Fravien for general questions or Eric Taggart for technical inquiries. We are excited to take this important step toward making UCI’s data easier to analyze and report.

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