New GEC Document Feature Makes it Easier to Process Multi-Line Expense Transfers

Sent to the KFS-Update mailing list on April 30, 2018

The KFS Team added a new button to the General Error Correction (GEC) document this weekend that should make it easier to complete expense transfers with multiple imported charges. When creating a GEC with multiple accounting lines in the TO section, Initiator’s can now update the first accounting line and use the new “Repeat 1ST FAU” button to copy the accounting unit down to every other entry in the section. Previously, users had to manually copy and paste each line of the Full Accounting Unit (FAU) or use a spreadsheet template.

Location for the REPEAT 1ST FAU button in the GEC e-document. It is located just above the TO section.

How the New Feature Works

To complete a GEC with multiple lines, you start by importing General Ledger transactions into the FROM side of the document. You then select the “Copy All” button to duplicate them on the TO side of the GEC. In the past, you would have been required to manually update the accounting lines on the TO side, but this new button cuts down on the work. Simply do the following:

  • Edit the first line of the TO side with the desired basic accounting changes.
  • Select the “REPEAT 1ST FAU” button to copy the following fields down to all the other lines in the TO section:
    • Chart,
    • Account,
    • Sub-Account,
    • Object,
    • Sub-Object,
    • Project,
    • Org Ref ID.
  • Amounts, Origin, and Line Description are considered part of the original attributes of the charge and do not change.

We hope this change will have a very positive impact on campus, making the process of moving many charges at once quicker and easier. We expect this will also help eliminate some user error. In addition to this new feature, initiators will still be able to manually update their FAU line items individually and import their accounting line templates, as needed. If you have any questions about using this new feature, please contact the KFS Help Desk at

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