PPS Data Corrections in February Reports

Sent to the KFS-Update Mailing List on March 8, 2018.

Last summer, a UCOP system error resulted in the Payroll/Personnel System (PPS) feeding incorrect expenses related to Life Insurance & Disability for July 2017 into EDL, Data Warehouse, and KFS. UCOP has now implemented a solution for this problem. Details are below.

EDL and Data Warehouse Reports

EDL was recently loaded with the correct July Distribution of Payroll Expense (DOPE) reports and Data Warehouse was loaded with the correct July information. July reports from EDL and Data Warehouse are now aligned with each other.

KFS Ledgers

Because the July 2017 Accounting Period is closed, we are unable to remove the bad PPS data that UCOP fed into KFS. Instead, UCOP has created a file of reversals for the incorrect amounts and uploaded the correct July amounts into February’s ledger. More details on this solution are below.

Corrected Life Insurance and Disability Expenses from July

February KFS ledgers include corrected transactions for the Life Insurance (IR=1640; MC=8980) and Disability (IR=1632; MC=8800) expenses you should have seen back in July. You can verify these amounts by matching them up with your – newly fixed – July DOPE report. You only need to look at object codes 1640 and 1632. No other object codes were affected.

Reversals in February Ledgers

You may also see one or two reversals on object codes 1640 and 1632 in your February ledger. UCOP has completely reversed all of the bad transactions fed into KFS back in July. For some users, you will also see the reversal of a prior attempt to fix this problem from August. These reversals should match up with transactions posted to your KFS ledger in July or possibly August. Again, only object codes 1640 and 1632 were involved.

Closed Accounts

If your account was closed after the original transactions were posted, the adjustments were processed through a Central Office account. You will not see any of these corrections in your KFS accounts.

Thank you for your patience and understanding while UCOP worked out this correction. We are working with them to ensure this cannot happen again. If you have questions not addressed here, please contact the Payroll Office at payroll@uci.edu.

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