Update on KFS 7 Upgrade Project

Sent to the KFS-Update Mailing List on Feb. 23, 2018.

The Kuali Financial System underwent its biggest upgrade since 2014 last weekend, and we're happy to report that KFS 7 was implemented with no major issues. As with any project of this size, users have reported a handful of bugs, and the KFS Team is working hard to resolve these issues as quickly as possible. We expect most of these issues will be addressed by next week.

Thank you to all the users who have taken time to report bugs and help us improve KFS 7. Provided below is an update on the most common help desk questions we've received this week.

FYIs for Requisitions, Purchase Orders, and PO Amends

With the new KFS Upgrade, the initiator of a Requisition (REQS) and the Fiscal Officer of the accounts in the eDoc now get an FYI notification when a Purchase Order (PO) or PO Amend is finalized/approved and open for payment. This notifies them that the buyer has placed the order. Because it is an FYI, no action is required.

Changing Notification Email Settings

Users who have their Action List notifications set to "immediate" but would rather not get an email notification when a Purchase Order (PO) or PO Amend is finalized/approved should update their Action List settings. Go to the Preferences section of your Action List and request no emails be sent for Purchase Orders or FYI notifications.

Legacy Accounting Reviewer for Approval Roles

Some legacy Accounting Reviewer for Approval roles in KSAMS may need to be resubmitted in KSAMS because they are incompatible with Kuali's new Rice 2.0 middleware. If your Accounting Reviewer for Approval role was setup with no Document Type qualifiers in KSAMS – meaning it was setup to apply to all kinds of documents – it will need to be recreated.

Resubmitting Accounting Reviewer Roles

Since 2016, UCI has only allowed Accounting Reviewers for Approval to be setup for higher-risk transactions like Disbursement Vouchers (DV) and TEM module (TT) e-documents. Global Accounting Reviewers are now limited to Acknowledge or FYI notifications. The Accounting Reviewer Acknowledge or FYI roles can be set up per individual document types, or if you prefer, you can use "KFS" in the document type field for ALL document types.

screenshot of KSAMS showing the Accounting Reviewer roles and KFS document type selected

Remember Acknowledge requires you to open the document, while FYI allows the option to review from your Action List and not open the document. Alternatively, users can also ad-hoc route most financial processing documents for approval.

Travel & Event Management (TEM) e-Documents

Most reported bugs affecting TEM eDocs should now be fixed and work is underway to address all remaining issues and to improve error messaging. Many of the reported issues are the results of people adjusting to the new interface and functionality. Users should be aware of the following:

  • Errors when submitting Travel Reimbursements: An issue affecting the ability to submit and add certain expenses to Travel Reimbursements has been fixed. If you encounter an error attempting to do this, you should contact the KFS Help Desk.
  • the icons located in the Primary Destination field on a travel reimbursementMissing Primary Destination: The field used to add a primary destination in TEM documents has changed to a button icon. Some users have forgotten to add a destination when creating a new reimbursement and may get an error if this required information is missing. The field is indicated:
  • Host and Host Certification Requirement: Entertainment (ENT) Reimbursements must have a Host Certification if the purpose of the expenses fall into these three categories: Entertainment & Prospective Donors, Recruitment, and Employee Morale Building. This requirement of UC Policy Bus-79 has always been enforced manually but is now built into the ENT e-document. If you have an ENT that was created before the upgrade and it is stuck in workflow, it’s possible it needs to be Returned to the Initiator and updated to meet this requirement.

Hyperlinks and VPN

In two instances, links to the financial system are not working as expected. Both of these issues are being addressed now and should be resolved in the near future.

  • Drill-down links that allow users to go straight to KFS e-documents from Decision Support reports are not working as expected. Until this issue is fixed, users can look up the document number using the KFS document search.
  • Links in Notification Emails when Off Campus: Links in KFS notification emails may not work if you are off campus because VPN access is required to use the financial system. In the past, links automatically redirected to UCI's web VPN when you were off campus. This functionality should be restored soon but until this fix is implemented, users can access KFS via the web VPN when they are off campus.

If You Encounter any Issues

If you encounter any errors or bugs not mentioned above, please let us know at kfs@uci.edu. For more information about KFS 7, see the Project website.

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