Annual Enrollment for Printed Earnings Statements

Sent to all employees on the UCI Campus and all Medical Center employees on Feb. 8, 2018

If you are an employee who is paid by direct deposit and you have previously elected to receive a printed earnings statement via campus mail, you must renew your election this month. You can do so by following the instructions on this page and submitting the required form. Individuals paid by paper check do not need to take any action and will continue to receive a printed earnings statement/pay stub with their paycheck.

Shows the Income & Taxes Box on AYSO. The Earnings Statement link is highlighted.If you do not renew your election, you will no longer receive a printed earnings statement effective Feb. 21 for employees paid biweekly and March 1 for employees paid monthly. Regardless of renewal status, you can always download and print earnings statements 24 hours a day and seven days a week on the At Your Service Online (AYSO) website:

From the main menu, look for the Income & Taxes box and click the Earnings Statement link. Statements are listed by date on the resulting page. Find the date you are interested in and click the View Statement link to open it as a PDF file.

See this guide on the Payroll Office website for more detailed instructions and tips. If you have any questions about your paycheck, you can contact your department payroll coordinator or email the Payroll Office at

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