Upgrade to KFS 7: What to Expect

Sent to the KFS-Update mailing list on Jan. 19, 2018.

The KFS Team announced a major upgrade to UCI’s Kuali Financial System in December, and while we expect the transition to KFS 7 to be a relatively easy experience for most users, there are a few things of which you should be aware. Please review the information below to ensure you’ll be ready for Go Live in February.

KFS 7 is not Optimized for Printing

KFS is designed to be a paperless system, and e-documents in version 7 no longer print cleanly using the browser’s print function. The new user interface includes features such as floating buttons, collapsible menus and hover-over text, which are not printable but significantly improve usability. As a result, portions of the e-document may be cut off, missing, or obscured when printing is attempted.

The ability to print document attachments, reports, and UCIBuy POs will not be affected in KFS 7. See all examples of documents that are affected and unaffected by this change.

This change is driven by our dual commitments to environmental sustainability and the elimination of red tape and administrative burden. The KFS database acts as the system of record and a repository for original financial documents, and therefore, KFS users do not need to print KFS e-documents.

If you know of a rule or regulation requiring you to print KFS e-documents, please let us know at kfs@uci.edu. If possible, we will work with the issuing organization to update their rules so you no longer need to print KFS e-documents.

Document Cut-Offs Before Go Live

The KFS Team will implement the upgrade during President’s Day Weekend: Feb. 17–19. The upgraded system will be available for use on Tuesday, Feb. 20. To minimize the risk of losing enroute documents, the Accounting Department will be issuing document finalization cutoffs for select types of Maintenance document and card applications. These cutoffs will be similar to those provided at year-end, and users should expect that Maintenance documents that do not meet the deadlines will be cancelled ahead of the go-live date. Transactional documents (those that post to a ledger) are all expected to be converted over regardless of status, at time of upgrade.

Phase Two of the Upgrade

Completing the update to KFS 7 will unlock our ability to develop future enhancements and improve the security of our data. After implementation is complete, the KFS Team will move into the second phase of the project, which will initially focus on ensuring the upgraded system is ready for fiscal year-end close. KFS users should expect further improvements to follow as development continues in 2018.

For more information about the KFS Upgrade, visit accounting.uci.edu/kfs/upgrade/.

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