Approval Deadline for December Accounting Period

Sent to the KFS-Update mailing list on Jan. 4, 2018.

The December 2017 accounting period will close on Tuesday, Jan. 9. Financial documents that allow you to select an accounting period from a drop-down menu (see below) must have ALL approvals no later than Tuesday, Jan. 9, to be posted to the December 2017 accounting period. Regardless of which period you select in the drop-down menu, your document will be posted to the January 2018 accounting period if you fail to meet the Jan. 9 final approval deadline.

Drop-down menu showing both accounting periods.

KFS documents that do not have an Accounting Period drop down post to the General Ledger on the date they are finalized. The December accounting period is now closed for these transactions. For more information, see the end-of-year guidelines provided on Nov. 29 and the “Understanding Fiscal Years and Fiscal Periods” page of the Fiscal Officers Guide.

KFS Ledger Monthly Snapshots

December final transactions should be available for viewing in Decision Support on Wednesday, Jan. 10. Snapshot Reports for most campus accounts—including the Account Summary, Fund Summary, Account Transaction, and Ledger Reconciliation Reports—should be available in the late morning or afternoon that same day. Learn more with this Snapshot Reports Guide.

Snapshot reports can be found in the Decision Support portlet under General Ledger - Campus Reports. Look for the KFS Ledger Monthly Snapshots link.

If you have any questions, please contact the KFS help desk at 949-824-7001 or

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