About the Kuali Financial System

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The Kuali Financial System replaced UCI's 30-year-old legacy financial system in 2014. The old system was paper-intensive and increasingly difficult to support. In contrast, KFS is a comprehensive software solution that integrates most of UCI’s core financial functions, including general ledger, procurement, budget, disbursing, and travel reimbursement.

Facts About The Kuali Financial System 

  • Name Origin: Kuali is a Malaysian term for a wok, a versatile cooking tool used for a variety of cooking styles. Likewise, the Kuali Financial System can be used to perform a variety of transactions, from Purchasing to Accounts Payable to Capital Asset Management and more.
  • Integrated Solution: KFS is an integrated suite of financial software and replaced multiple sub-systems, enhancing ease-of-use, enabling IT software consolidation, IT savings, and administrative efficiency
  • Cost Effective: The system is a community source software created and maintained by consortium of universities, free of licensing fees
  • Core Technology: KFS is built on the web-based java technology, a core competency in UCI's Office of Information Technology
  • Compatible Middleware: The system uses Rice middleware, which was already used as identity management and workflow engines for other administrative systems at UCI before KFS was implemented
  • Sharing Experience: UCI is able to leverage technical knowledge from the community of universities that have also adopted KFS
  • Adaptable Functionality: KFS allows UCI to add functionality developed in-house or by the Kuali community and adapt to our needs

The Kuali Foundation

the Kuali Financial System is an open-source project managed by the Kuali Foundation. The Kuali Foundation is a non-profit 501(c)3 organization dedicated to the development of open source administrative software solutions for higher education. Leveraging an international community of educational institutions and organizations, Kuali is committed to providing sustainable software that helps schools keep their money in their mission by significantly reducing administrative costs and promoting administrative best practices.

KFS Management Advisory Group

The KFS Management Advisory Group provides leadership and oversight of UCI's financial system:

  • Snehal Bhatt
    Purchasing and Risk Services
  • Kian Colestock
    Office of Information Technology
  • Rick Coulon
    Administrative and Business Services
  • Martha Graciano
    Budget Office
  • Marc Guerra
    Accounting and Fiscal Services
  • Warren Liang
    Office of Information Technology
  • Bruce Morgan
    Office of Research
  • Jim Pavelko
    ASM Representative / Paul Merage School of Business
  • Dana Roode
    Office of Information Technology
  • Eric Taggart
    Office of Information Technology