Certifying a Report When the PI has Left UCI

If a Principal Investigator (PI) is leaving UCI and the grant that requires a KFS-PCS report is following the PI or is being terminated early, please make every effort to have the report certified by the PI. If you are unable to have the PI certify, then the department chair will need to certify the report. The chair's certification is a last resort after all attempts to acquire the PI's certification have failed. If you find yourself in this situation, please follow the steps below.

1. Update Principal Investigator Availability

Before the department chair can certify the PCS Report, you must update the KFS-PCS Principal Investigator Availability Field in the report.

  • Go to the KFS-PCS Tracking Lookup Page, look up the fund number and select Edit for the Budget End Month requiring certification.
  • In the Description field in the Description Overview Tab, indicate that the PI has left UCI.

Example: “<Fund #> PI left UCI”

  • Scroll down to the Payroll Certification Status Tab and change the Principal Investigator Availability drop-down menu to "P-PI left University."
  • In the Notes and Attachments section, enter a brief note stating that the Department Chair will certify the PCS report

Select P - PI left University and add a note saying the dept chair will certify.

After you submit the document, it will auto-approve and send an Action List notification to the Central Payroll Certification Administrator (CPCA), letting them know that they need to change the PI in the KFS Award Doc from the departing PI to the Department Chair. The CPCA will notify you when this is done.

2. Review and Submit the PCS Report

After you hear back from the CPCA, you can run the KFS-PCS report and review and submit it as you normally would.

  • The PCS Report will automatically route to Department Chair for certification.
3. After Certification

After the report is certified, the CPCA will change the PI in the KFS Award Doc back to the departed PI. To help avoid this situation in the future, please see the sidebar to the right.

Add it to Your Award Closeout Checklist

The department chair's certification is a last resort after all attempts to acquire the PI’s certification have failed.

To avoid this situation, please include KFS-PCS Report Certification as an award closeout checklist item when a PI leaves UCI and the award is either following the PI or is being terminated early.