Initiating a Payroll Certification System Report

Example PCS ReportThis page will walk you through the process of creating a PCS report and submitting it for certification via the Kuali Financial System. For information about looking up PCS Reports in KFS, please see the Payroll Certification Tracking Lookup page.

1. Lookup PCS Report to Initiate

Use the Payroll Certification Tracking Lookup to locate the PCS Report you would like to initiate. You can search by budget period end dates, fund number, or any other term you like. The Lookup query should return all active PCS budget reporting periods.

Budget Period End Dates: You cannot complete a PCS Report until the Budget Period has ended. Budget periods can be checked in the KFS Award Document Lookup. See the Payroll Certification Tracking Lookup page for more information on how to search for Awards.

In this example, we've searched for fund number 29797 and found the following results:

Indicates you should check the PC status and Type of Cost Sharing Required fields in the search results.

2. Check for Cost Sharing and PC Status

Before you initiate a new report, first do the following:

  • Check the Type of Cost Share Required column for cost sharing. If payroll is to be cost shared, those payroll expenses must be entered into the Cost Sharing Tracking System prior to running the report. See the Cost Sharing page for more information.
  • Check the PC Status column to see if the PCS report has already been initiated.

When you're ready, click Preview in the Actions column for the Budget Period End Date you need to certify.

Click Preview in the Action column for the Budget Period End Date you need to certify.
3. Review the KFS-PCS Preview Screen

The Preview Screen gives you a chance to review the PCS report before actually generating the Payroll Certification Document in KFS. The Preview Screen provides an overview of the non-financial information and salary expenses for the budget period. Pay special attention to the two following tabs:

Award Information Tab

This tab contains the non-financial information about the fund being certified.

Tab includes these fields: PI Name, Project Title, Sponsor Name, Award Number, Pre-award Spending Yes/No, Type of Cost Sharing required, Fund Number, Fund Name, Administrative Department Organization Name, Budget Period, Pay Period (what pay periods during the budget period were used), Project Period

Employee Information Tab

This tab contains the financial information about the report being certified, including Cost Notes which are discussed below. Verify that salary totals are correct and are generally aligned with the project budget (significant variances should be explored).

Columns include: Name, KFS account number, ORG Code, Payroll Home Department Code, Job Code, Job Title, Cost Notes, Direct Project Salary, Cost Shared Salary, Percentage of Annual Salary

Drilling Down to Salary Details

You can click the Direct Project Salary amount to drill down to the details behind each salary total. You can then export the details to a spreadsheet to verify detailed payroll transactions. Salary drill down links are only available to the DPCA. The links will not appear for the PI. 

As an ongoing practice, communicate regularly with the PI to identify changes in personnel and other occurrences that may alter the amount of salary charged.

Cost Notes

The cost notes column gives you additional information about each individual's salary. Cost Notes A and B indicate salary was charged within the salary limitation requirements, and no action is required. If you encounter Cost Notes 1 or 2 though, you must perform salary transfer to eliminate it. If you want to certify with Cost Note 1 or 2, the document will route to the central CG office for an exception approval. Cost Notes 3 and 4 indicate that the individual's salary should be scrutinized more closely.

Cost Note Description
A The salary amount for this Senior Project Personnel met NSF's 2 month salary limit
B The DHHS Salary CAP applied to this individual. Charges to the project were correct.
1 The salary amount for this Senior Project Personnel exceeded NSF's 2 month salary limit
2 Salary charges exceeded DHH Salary Cap requirements. Salary charges need to be adjusted
3 Over 90 percent of this individual's salary was charged to Federal Sponsored Projects. Be sure non-research activities were minimal.
4 This individual has a Clerical and Administrative Job Title which generally makes the charges unallowable. Be sure that the Federal exemption is documented.
Click start certification to generate the Payroll Certification4. Start Certification

If any payroll adjustments are required or other changes need to be made, complete them now. If no salary transfers are required (or if all adjustments are complete) and the information in these two tabs looks correct, click the Start Certification button at bottom of page.

If you do not want to begin the certification process, you can click the Close button. Closing the Preview Screen takes DPCA back to Tracking Lookup page.

5. Submit the Payroll Certification e-Document

After you've clicked on Start Certification, KFS will generate the actual Payroll Certification e-document. The Document Overview Tab will auto-populate with the Fund Number, budget end month, and Principal Investigator's last name. The Award and Employee Information tabs are both carried forward identical to how they looked in the preview.

After generating the document, you can simply click the Submit button and the Payroll Certification Document will be automatically routed to the PI’s Action List for certification.

Depending on their familiarity with KFS, you may need to help your PI with opening the PCS document from their Action List, reviewing the salaries charged in the Employee Information tab, and checking the Certified box in the Payroll Certification tab.

6. Wait for PI Certification

You will notice that there is a Payroll Certification Tab in the PCS eDoc. The PI will be required to check the box in this tab to affirm the payroll certification statement. The Certified checkbox can only be checked by the PI and is not available to either the DPCA or any ad-hoc approvers. This is by design because certification is the responsibility of the PI.

The tab includes information that the PI will need to review and certify by checking the box at the bottom of the tab

After salaries are reviewed and certified, the PI can click the Approve button at the bottom of the document. For more detailed information, see the Certifying a PCS Report page.