Frequently Asked Questions

Below are some frequently asked questions about KFS-PCS. For more help, contact the Central Payroll Certification Administrator (CPCA) at

The new payroll certification system officially goes live on Nov, 9, 2016. It should be used for all payroll certifications, starting with September 2016 budget end month reports.

No, you do not. The electronic workflow built into KFS is all that is required. For exceptional approval, there are supporting documentation requirements and those can be attached as PDFs to the PCS Report.

Yes, the CPCA can reset a PCS Report with good cause. Contact the CPCA for more information.

No, you cannot. See the Initiation page for more information.

You can look up reports by entering a date range into the Budget Period End From/To fields, but it is extremely important that the Budget Period End To date is the actual last day of the month (30, 31, 29 or 28). If not, the PCS will not include that month of payroll in the report.

You need to enter payroll expenses into the Cost Sharing Tracking System for the PCS budget reporting period. See the KFS-PCS Cost Sharing page.

You either need to resolve the cost note with a payroll transfer or seek exceptional approval. Details are on the Exceptional Approval page.

If you want to have another department certifying their payroll expenses that are generated on your KFS-PCS report, you will need to Ad Hoc route the KFS-PCS document to the other department for their review and approval. Basic information on ad-hoc routing can be found on the Workflow page.

The Checking Certification Status page has a full listing of all status codes.

This topic is covered on the Certifying No Salaries Charged page.

Follow the procedures listed on the Certifying a Report When the PI has Left UCI page.

The main Kuali Security Access Management System (KSAMS) role associated with PCS is:

  • Role 10633: KFS-EC – Departmental Payroll Certification Administrator

A DPCA can initiate new payroll certifications for the funds they're associated with. All DPCA roles should already be set up in KSAMS, but if you're having access issues, you can check to see if you have the role.

Principal Investigators (PIs) do not need a special KSAMS role to certify. Basic KFS access is sufficient.