KFS-PCS and Cost Shared Salaries

If payroll is to be cost shared, you need to do two things prior to running the PCS report. You must:

  1. Enter the payroll expenses into the Cost Sharing Tracking System for the PCS budget reporting period.
  2. Declare the type of cost sharing on the PCS Report.

This declaration is required because PCS Reports automatically detect if cost sharing is required based on the KFS Award Doc, but the documents don't know the specific Type of Cost Sharing.

How to Declare Type of Cost Sharing

Below are instructions on how to declare a type of cost sharing on a PCS Report.

1. Select Edit from the Actions Column

Use the Payroll Certification Tracking Lookup to search for the Fund Number of the award you are working on. Instead of clicking preview like you normally would, click the Edit link under the Actions column.

The edit link is located in the actions column

2. Enter a Description

Complete the Description Overview Tab by entering in a description, which should use this format: "Fund # - Declare payroll cost sharing"

Description field reads: 23167 - declare payroll cost sharing

3. Edit the Pre-Requisites Tab

Find the Pre-Requisites Tab.

An image of the pre-requisites tab in KFS

To declare the type of cost sharing, change the fields according to the following:

Field Name Options
Cost Share Required for this Budget Period
  • Yes
  • No
Type of Cost Share Required
  • S – Salary
  • N – Non-Payroll
  • B – Both Payroll and Non-payroll
4. Submit the e-Document

When you are done changing the above values, scroll to the bottom of the eDoc and click Submit. This action requires no approval workflow, so it will be automatically approved in KFS.

Checking the Status of Cost Sharing Requirement

To check the status of the cost sharing requirement, go to the Payroll Certification Document Lookup and enter your Fund Number. If you recently changed the type of cost sharing, you should see the result of that declaration in the Type of Cost Share Required column. See the screenshot at the top of this page to see the column.

Warning Message

Shows the warning message that will pop up if you need to enter cost sharing data into the tracking system. Note that an error message will be generated if cost sharing has not been entered into the Cost Sharing Tracking System.

If you see this warning, You will need to close the Preview Screen and enter the cost sharing payroll into the Cost Sharing Tracking System.