KFS Payroll Certification System Basics

Below are some basic principles of how the new KFS Payroll Certification System functions, including an overview of the business process, the location of the links on ZotPortal, KSAMS access, and a glossary of terms.

Overview of KFS Payroll Certification Process

The core payroll certification process works like this:

Lookup, review, initiate, approve, complete

  1. Lookup: After an award's budget period ends, a department financial analyst or manager (called a DPCA in the system) looks up the budget period for the relevant fund.
  2. Review: The DPCA reviews the payroll information for the budget period on the Preview Screen, making any adjustments as necessary.
  3. Initiate: The DPCA clicks Start Certification on the preview screen, initiating a Payroll Certification (PCS) e-document in KFS, and then submits the eDoc.
  4. Certify: The PCS Report e-document is automatically routed to the Principal Investigator for certification.
  5. Complete: The process is complete after the PI certifies the salary and approves the document in KFS.

Depending on the circumstances, other steps and approvals may be required.

Where on ZotPortal is KFS-PCS?

The links associated with payroll certification can all be found in the KFS Lookups & Requests portlet. The main links you will use are:

  • Payroll Certification Tracking Lookup
  • "Award" document lookup
  • Payroll Certification Custom Document Search

Location: Finances/KFS Tab; KFS Lookups & Requests Portlet; Expand Contracts and Grants Section; Expand Payroll Certification Section; Click Payroll Certification Tracking Lookup Link

Click the image to expand it.

What KSAMS Role Access is Required for KFS-PCS?

The main Kuali Security Access Management System (KSAMS) role associated with PCS is:

  • Role 10633: KFS-EC – Departmental Payroll Certification Administrator

A DPCA can initiate new payroll certifications for the funds they're associated with. All DPCA roles should already be set up in KSAMS, but if you're having access issues, you can check to see if you have the role.

Principal Investigators (PIs) do not need a special KSAMS role to certify. Basic KFS access is sufficient.

KFS-PCS Glossary


The Central Payroll Certification Administrator (CPCA) is a member of the Contracts and Grants Accounting team and has the authority to grant exceptional approval or to dissaprove KFS-PCS documents.


The Departmental Payroll Certification Administrator (DPCA) is the financial analyst who will be initiating the PCS document. This KFS-PCS role is created for each fund requiring a PCS report.


This is the doctype of the Payroll Certification e-document. This is the KFS generated Payroll Certification e-document that will be certified.

Preview Screen

The Preview Screen provides an overview of the financial and non-financial information about a fund that requires a PCS Report. It can be reviewed before the actual Payroll Certification e-document is initiated, giving the DPCA a chance to make any necessary payroll adjustments.