How to Certify a PCS Report in KFS

Example PCS ReportFederal regulations—including the U.S. Office of Management and Budget’s Uniform Guidance—require universities to substantiate payroll expenses when they are paid with extramural funds from federal contracts and grants.

UCI meets this requirement using a payroll certification process called KFS-PCS. Principal Investigators are a key part of the certification process.

After a federal award's budget period ends, a financial analyst in your organization will prepare a PCS Report document in KFS. That PCS Report will then be routed to you in the Kuali Financial System.

Instructions on how to certify this document are below.

Step-by-Step Instructions for Certifying a PCS Report

Access the PCS Report from Your Notification Email or ZotPortal

There are two ways to access the Payroll Certification System Report you need to certify:

Click the link in the notification email: When a PCS Report is sent to you for certification, you should receive an email from the Kuali Financial System (KFS). You can go directly to the document by clicking the Document ID Number link in the notification email. You will be required to log in with your UCINetID and password.

Log into KFS from ZotPortal. Detailed instructions for logging into the Kuali Financial System can be found on the KFS Login and Access page. In brief, you should:

  • Go to Zotportal, log in, and click on the KFS Tab.
  • Look for the KFS Tools portlet and select Action List.
  • If you have a PCS Report e-document awaiting certification, it will appear in your action list. Click on the Document ID Number of the PCS Report you'd like to review.

Note: If you're off campus, you might be asked to log into the UCI Virtual Private Network (VPN) in addition to the steps indicated above.

Carefully review the Award and Employee Information tabs.

The PCS Report provides an overview of your award's salary expenses for the budget period. You can see an example PCS Report at the top of this page. Just click the image to make it bigger.

  • Pay special attention to the two following tabs:
    • Award Information Tab - This tab contains the non-financial information about the fund being certified.

Tab includes these fields: PI Name, Project Title, Sponsor Name, Award Number, Pre-award Spending Yes/No, Type of Cost Sharing required, Fund Number, Fund Name, Administrative Department Organization Name, Budget Period, Pay Period (what pay periods during the budget period were used), Project Period

    • Employee Information Tab - This tab contains salary information about the report being certified.

Tabs include: Name, KFS account number, ORG Code, Payroll Home Department Code, Job Code, Job Title, Cost Notes, Direct Project Salary, Cost Shared Salary, Percentage of Annual Salary

  • Verify that salary totals appear to be correct and are generally aligned with the project budget. If the information in these two tabs looks correct, move on to the next step.

Check the box in the Payroll Certification Tab

  • The Payroll Certification tab includes language affirming that you've reviewed the Payroll Certification. The PI is required to check the Certified box before approving the document.

The tab includes information that the PI will need to review and certify by checking the box at the bottom of the tab

  • Check the Certified box

Certify the PCS Report

  • Scroll all the way down to the bottom of the e-document and press Approve.

Click the approve button

After you click approve, the PCS Report will be complete. No further action from the PI is required until the next PCS Report comes due.