Searching KVO and Checking Vendor Status

If you've searched KFS and didn't find your vendor, you should next check to make sure they're not already in the vendor onboarding process. You do this from the Kuali Vendor Onboarding application. You can also use this search feature to check the status of your vendor onboarding.

Navigating to the Vendor List Screen in KVO

KFS Accounts Payable Portlet. The Individual Payee/PO Vendor Onboarding link is highlighted.Perform the search in KVO

  • Log into ZotPortal and navigate to the Finance/KFS Tab.
  • Find the KFS Accounts Payable portlet
  • Expand the Vendor section and click the link for "Individual Payee/PO Vendor Onboarding." You should now be in the KVO application.
  • Look for the yellow navigation bar at the top of the page and click "Vendor Invitation Status"

Tip: You can also find the Individual Payee/PO Vendor Onboarding link in the Purchasing portlet. Both links lead to the same search window, so use whichever you prefer.

Searching by Vendor Name Using *Asterisks*

Just like when you search KFS, you should use asterisks around keywords when you search for a vendor name. From the Vendor List screen, you can search for vendors using the Vendor Name field. It's difficult to know exactly how the vendor's name was entered into the system, so you should search for a keyword that you feel confident will be part of the name. You should also put asterisks on both sides of the keyword to make sure you return all vendors or individuals with the keyword in the name.

Asterisks are Very Important

The search function in KVO can be rather picky. For example, searching for Anteater without any asterisks will only look for a vendor specifically named Anteater. Searching for *Anteater* with an asterisk on both sides will find all vendors with names that include the keyword Anteater, including Peter Anteater, Anteater Corp., and even Planteater. Click the image below to expand it and see an example.

Shows a search using asterisks. For example, *AIRGAS*

Searching for Multiple Keywords

You can search multiple keywords but you must use asterisks around each word. For example: *UNIV**TEX**SOUTH* would search for any name that has UNIV, TEX, and SOUTH as part of the name. The result would be: UNIVERSITY OF TEXAS SOUTHWESTERN MEDICAL CTR

More Tips
  • There are two radio buttons at the top of the Vendor List search. You should use the "In Request Form" option. The option for "Vendor Onboard Form" will only apply if the status of the KVO Request is COMPLETED.
  • Be sure to click on the Search Button. Pressing Enter on the Keyboard will not initiate the search.
  • Check the Status column to the far right.  Status Codes are: Completed, Canceled, Expired, Invitation Sent, Requesting, In Progress, Error.
  • If you find the vendor and it has a status of COMPLETED, you should try searching in KFS again because they should already be ready to be paid.

KVO Status Codes

See the KVO Status Codes page for details on what each code means.

Next Steps

If you cannot find the vendor in KVO, you should use the system to request an invitation be sent to them. If you find the vendor in KVO, refer to the status codes to better understand where in the process they are. If you have questions about the onboarding process, contact the KVO Coordinator.