Requesting to Invite a Vendor

If you’ve searched KFS and KVO (Kuali Vendor Onboarding) and did not find your vendor, you may request that an onboarding invitation be sent to them. If the request is approved, the system will automatically send the vendor an email inviting them to fill out a Vendor Registration Form.

Requesting to Invite a New Vendor

KFS Accounts Payable Portlet. The Individual Payee/PO Vendor Onboarding link is highlighted.Requests are made using KVO:

  • Log into ZotPortal and navigate to the Finance/KFS Tab.
  • Find the KFS Accounts Payable portlet
  • Expand the Vendor section and click the link for "Individual Payee/PO Vendor Onboarding."
  • On the resulting screen, select either "Individual Payee" or "PO Vendor." See the section below for help determining which choice is the correct one. 
  • Provide the name, email address, and a detailed reason for why you need to onboard the vendor. Make sure you enter the email address correctly because this is where notification emails will be sent to the vendor.
  • Click the "Create Request" button.

Individual Payee versus PO Vendor

Use the P.O. Vendor option when paying a business for goods or services bought with a Purchase Order (P.O.). The Individual Payee option is for making payments to individuals rather than businesses; however, if the individual is being hired as an independent contractor or consultant, they must use P.O. Vendor. An employee of the University of California would not be onboarded as a vendor.

When to Use Individual Payee:
  • When submitting a Disbursement Voucher for an Individual using the appropriate DV Payment Code. Do not use this option if the vendor is a business with a FEIN Tax ID Number (TIN).
  • When the Individual is NOT being hired as an independent contractor or consultant. In this circumstance, use P.O. Vendor.
  • When the Individual is NOT a University of California employee or UCI student. (Do not onboard UCI students or UC employees as vendors to reimburse them for travel or emergency purchases.)
  • For Honorarium payments
  • For Research Participants
  • For Refunds (Accounts Payable Manager Approved)
  • Payment description qualified for Non-Employee Only (HR Approved)
When to Use PO Vendor Form
  • When the vendor is a business/company with a FEIN Tax ID Number (TIN).
  • When an individual is hired as an independent contractor or consultant.
  • When the payment made is related to a Requisition, Purchase Order, Contract, or Service Agreement. Reference: Purchasing Methods Guide.
  • Payment description qualified for Non-Employee Only (HR Approved)

What Happens Next

This is the last step for the requestor. The request will be automatically routed to the KVO Coordinator for approval. The coordinator will either approve or cancel the request. In either case, you will receive a notification email. After approval, the KVO system automatically sends an email to the vendor with a link to the online Vendor Registration Form. The vendor must complete the form and submit it within 30 days.

The KVO Coordinator will review the form and, if there are no issues, approve the vendor. The KVO System will automatically notify you when this happens and the notification email will include the new Vendor Number.