Frequently Asked Questions

Below are some frequently asked questions about the KVO Process.

Can I onboard a University of California employee? What about for honorarium payments?

Payments to UC employees are considered taxable income and must be processed through the payroll system. For more information about making honorarium payments, see this page

Can I onboard a UCI student?

No. Students do not need to be onboarded as vendors to be paid with a Disbursement Voucher (DV). You can learn more about how to reimburse a student using a DV by reading the following announcement: Note that there are only five reason codes that allow a student ID to be used on a DV. Those code are: B, L, I, P and Z.

Do Employees Need to be Onboarded to be Reimbursed for Travel?

No. Employees are already available for payment in the Kuali Financial System. You should reimburse employees for travel and entertainment using the Travel and Event Management (TEM) documents built into KFS.

I am a Department Requestor. Can I Have a Copy of the Vendor Registration Form?

To ensure vendors always use the most up-to-date online vendor form, the Accounts Payable Office does not distribute copies of this form. If your vendor needs help completing the form, they can contact the KVO Coordinator, who will gladly assist them.

Why was my Vendor Request Cancelled?

When the request was cancelled, you should have received a notification email with the reason why. The main reasons a request is cancelled are listed below:

  • Vendor already exists in the Financial System
  • Restrictions due to Vendor is an Active UCI Employee
  • Restrictions due to Vendor is an Active UC Employee
  • Wrong Payee Type Form was submitted
  • Canceled per Requestor
  • Duplicate Vendor Request
  • Invalid Vendor Email Address
  • Processing Error