KVO Status Codes and Notifications

Status Codes

Below are the Status Codes and the Description in Kuali Vendor Onboarding (KVO). If you have a question about the status of a vendor in KVO, contact the KVO Coordinator.

Status Code



The KVO request has been submitted, and is waiting for the KVO Coordinator’s review and approval.


The KVO Coordinator approved the request, and the onboarding invitation email was sent to the Vendor/Individual.


The Vendor/Individual has received the onboarding email, and in the process of completing the registration form.


The Vendor/Individual has completed and submitted the form, and received a KVO Confirmation Page.


Error message, contact the KVO Coordinator, there may be an issue with the online form.


The KVO Coordinator canceled the onboarding request due to any of the following reasons:

  • Vendor already exists in the Financial System
  • Restrictions due to Vendor is an Active UCI Employee
  • Restrictions due to Vendor is an Active UC Employee
  • Wrong Payee Type Form was submitted
  • Canceled per the Requestor
  • Duplicate Vendor Request
  • Invalid Vendor Email Address
  • Processing Error
  • Miscellaneous Reason


The Registration form link exceeded 30 days. The KVO invitation may be resent if the registration link has expired.

Email Notifications

The KVO system is designed to automatically keep vendors and department requestors informed of what is happening in the vendor onboarding process. Emails are automatically sent when the following occurs:

  • ✉ The Requestor receives a notification after submitting a KVO Request.
  • ✉ The Requestor receives a notification when the request is approved by the KVO Coordinator
  • ✉ The Requestor receives a notification if the request is cancelled for any reason.
  • ✉ The Future Vendor receives an email invitation with a link to the secure online Vendor Registration Form after the request is approved.
  • ✉ The Requestor and Vendor both receive a welcome email after the Vendor Registration Form has been submitted online and approved by the KVO Coordinator. The message includes the new Vendor Number.